TVC Mobile Launches Nationwide Unlimited Talk, Text and Data For $29.95 Monthly Using Network Marketing

TVC Mobile Launches Nationwide Unlimited Talk, Text and Data For $29.95 Monthly Using Network Marketing

San Bernardino, Ca. ( October 29, 2013 -- TVC Mobile®, a subsidiary of a national bi-lingual television network has launched a network marketing platform offering its “magic phone”; an android based phone with a 7” screen and with unlimited 4G nationwide voice, text and data mobile phone service.  Also, the “magic phone” comes with a full entertainment package including real time access to 1,000 television channels, 7,500 radio stations and thousands of movies. Additional features on the “magic phone” include a bible, kindle, karaoke, personal computing applications and more. This is the only device you will need for cellular, entertainment, and personal computing.

According to David Walsh from TVC “We have decided using a network marketing approach, and supporting it with intensive television and radio advertising makes the most sense for our primary market- Latinos. Our twin goals are to offer incredible affordable monthly mobile service plan packed with additional benefits to provide value to consumers, and a very rich compensation package for network marketers.”

Mr. Walsh added “TVC Mobile's unlimited voice, text and data mobile phone plans start at $29.95 monthly with no contract, and addresses Americans' need for affordable wireless service. In addition, in many cases the complete entertainment package included can eliminate the need for monthly cable bills and the Magic Phone can serve a personal mobile computer.”

TVC Mobile plans its prelaunch in October 2013, with incredible monthly rates, lot of added features and a great compensation plan for network marketers. Additionally, consumers and us their own GSM unlocked phones, or take advantage of the Magic Phone or TVC Mobile Smart phone that is android based and available at a fraction of what competitors charge. For more information on our prelaunch, please contact David Walsh at 720-891-1804 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

TVC Mobile:

TVC Mobile is a subsidiary of TVC Latino, a national television network broadcast to over 19 million households in the United States. In additionally, TVC Latino is seen globally on and available on all android/i-device phones and tablets. TVC Mobile is a reseller for one of the major cellular carriers in the US and offers cell service across the US starting at $29.95 for unlimited voice, text and data.

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