Ewoth Dictionary, the ultimate slang dictionary launches crowd funding campaign

(PRBuzz.com) June 21, 2013 -- Ewoth dictionary which gives credit to creators of new slang words needs your help

David Werba, creator and founder of the Ewoth Dictionary launches flexible fundraising campaign with a set goal of raising $133,450 towards moving past the prototype-website stage to building his business by hiring staff, buying software, advertising, and paying virtual office bills for the next 6-8 months until they reach the self-sustaining period from advertising revenue. Go to http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ewoth-the-evolution-of-the-slang-dictionary/x/3503641 to learn more about this online slang dictionary and to contribute to this campaign. . The campaign will run from today until Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 11:59 PM PT. Previous slang dictionaries did not give credit to the words' originators, and tangible products could be sold using their words with no compensation. This motivated Werba, who has been inventing new words (or neologisms or portmanteaus) his whole life, to design and build a better alternative. More information about his slang dictionary may be found at http://www.ewoth.com/ and at www.blog.ewoth.com

Werba, who has been developing large scale web projects since 2002, built his Ewoth Dictionary prototype website in the summer of 2012, set up the major social media channels, and started building the dictionary database. His main goal was to "give credit to the creators of the words." He says that when a new funny word starts to circulate the web the most intriguing story is where it came from and who came up with it. With his Ewoth Dictionary he'll be able to tell that story. Werba's goal is to make the Ewoth Dictionary the most reputable, comprehensive and enjoyable dictionary in history.

The funds raised via this campaign will allow his multi-talented staff to keep all research, support, moderation and web development in house and cut down costs. "The handpicked Ewoth Editors have a perfect blend of intense work ethic and an epic sense of humor, and some of our combined skills include Web Design/Development, Graphic Design, Photoshop Wizardry, Blogging, Creative Writing, Web Marketing, Videography, Podcasting, SEO, Social Media and more."

With this flexible funding campaign, they are offering as much value as they can for the perks given to contributors. As http://www.ewoth.com/ is structured to be a high traffic website with viral social media features, donor listing with links and ad space banners should receive generous attention. The cutting edge services at http://www.werbonics.com/ offered at the higher perk levels also give great value back to contributors. And don't forget the limited-edition T-Shirts!

Contact: David Werba
Ewoth Dictionary
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