Newly Launched Website Gives Insight to Small to Medium Businesses

Newly Launched Website Gives Insight to Small to Medium Businesses

( May 15, 2013 -- Jakarta, Indonesia) - A newly launched online magazine/blog covering all things small business has already jump-started buzz about what it takes to be successful in this or any other economy. Covering everything from news to ideas and tips to trends the online source gives visitors the tools that will help business owners utilize what's offered. "We wanted to design a top-notch site where our visitors could not only enjoy the beauty of the design but feel comfortable getting the information we provide." said Ivan Widjaya, Founder of "Let's put it very directly, there's no canned 'been-there-done-that' content on our site to frustrate readers intentionally looking for an honest leg-up. It's all support all the time."

Launched on May 7th of this year the site offers very real talks on what small to medium business owners face when building a successful business. With ample insights, opinions are offered from the small business owner's standpoint. What's one better, the site also keeps in mind the customers who patronize those businesses. "We refuse to rant without solutions. What the site isn't is a place to air negativity. We're happy to encourage, do things outside the box, and provide exclusive content that's unique." added Widjaya.

With Widjaya's promise that will always provide free information the goods are passed along via interviews, videos, blog posts and other media. Authors include small business owners, leaders in the marketplace and experts in various fields. Current blog posts are "Why Small Businesses Need to do Inbound Marketing" and "Main Street Business Success Story: Bread Euphoria" which heralds the inspirational journey of Co-Founders Mark and Geri Pollard's booming bakery in Haydenville, Massachusetts. Originally a Museum Exhibition Designer in San Francisco, California Mark Pollard had no experience in his newly chosen career path. But using the points he suggests in his interview he now employs thirty full-time employees and has become one of the largest employers in his county.

"We want to highlight the real man's story." said Widjaya. "We're seeing the running thread - with persistence, time, patience, doing something you love, taking risks and supporting your community - success can be at hand."

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