The Eighth Round - Because in The Real World It Is Not AIways Black and White

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My name is Zeke Wilson

In the year 2000, more then 310,000 cases were filed with the United State Federal court system of them nearly 41,000 of them were Civil Rights case However, only one of those civil rights case was black on black racial discrimination.

Wilson-vs-McClure was presented to the Federal Court on September 2000 it was also the first case in the world in the United States to reach a Federal Court to challenge the concept of the same race discrimination.

Zeke was born on Frogmore Island / St. Helena Island South Carolina in 1957 the same year president Eisenhower passed the Civil Rights Act.

Later Zeke Wilson a Untied State Marine Veteran, Golden Glove Winning boxer, Which included sparring partner for such as Joe Frazier, Larry Holmes, and Leon Spinks Boxing promoter, child counselor Speaker and now published author

Zeke Wilson fought a precedent setting court battle that define the view of modern form or racism that of the race discrimination.

He also went on to write a book entitled The Eighth Round about his experiences with a feature film in the work.

Zeke is currently traveling and making public appearances for book signing and book talk discussion and the opportunity to share his life struggling valued lessons and perseverance through trying circumstances. This true story will keep you engaged and cheering for the underdog all the way. It will appeal to a vast audience and will leave every reader forever changed.

The Eighth Round Book is available Online through:
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