Author Sarah Love Features New Research in Book to Attract and Keep a Partner

Author Sarah Love Features New Research in Book to Attract and Keep a Partner


Seoul, South Korea (Jan. 28, 2018) – Love is a complicated concept and instead of simply hoping for the best, Sarah Love has released her new book, “Relationships: 18 Principles to Attract and Retain a Fulfilling Relationship.” Available in a Kindle edition on Amazon, it’s based on new research by relationship therapists and will assist anyone who is seeking a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

“I wanted to help others by breaking down critical rules and redirecting focus from ‘searching for someone’ to improving self-awareness and communication so that we are truly ready for dating, love and have a real chance at fulfillment within a relationship,” said Love.

It’s difficult to find a life partner if an individual doesn’t understand themselves and their needs. Love’s book is full of powerful life hacks that readers can immediately begin to utilize to attract and retain the partner they desire. The author explores the science of attraction, seduction, dating and romance. She also addresses sexual attraction and intimacy, self-awareness, understanding a partner’s needs, lasting love and real fulfillment.

A significant number of people go through life unhappy and unfulfilled because they don’t know themselves or what they’re actually looking for in a partner. With Love’s book, readers will learn how to identify what they need and the reasons they’re attracted to certain individuals.

The first step in any journey begins with an individual valuing themselves. The author explains to readers how to recognize and eliminate toxic people and influences from their life that impedes their search for a compatible partner. Readers will also discover the significance of shared values and the impact they have on all relationships.

In an age of social media, it’s extremely easy to fall victim to a poor self-image, destructive fears and negative internal dialog that can all too easily invade the subconscious and cause people to doubt themselves. Love provides insight into how to shed the negative constraints and project a positive outlook.

Love’s new book, “Relationships: 18 Principles to Attract and Retain a Fulfilling Relationship,” provides a clear and comprehensive map to attract a partner that’s based on the newest research by relationship therapists. The book helps readers understand themselves and the psychology behind the choices they make for happier, healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

About Sarah Love:
Sarah Love grew up in a Christian family in London, England, and gravitated toward studying Greek and Roman history. A world traveler, her work and interests have led her to translate the Latin in Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican; excavate a Roman bathhouse in the Jordanian desert; to Jerusalem where she discovered a love of writing; and South Korea to experience the traveler-teacher lifestyle. She’s also a popular travel blogger.

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