Feel Amazing and Look Even Better


Feel Amazing and Look Even Better

Understanding the Happiness Cycle

By Anke Mayer



Author Anke Mayer, has dedicated her life to pushing the boundaries in every deed, opportunity and challenge that has presented itself in her path. Her book, Feel Amazing and Look Even Better: Understanding the Happiness Cycle, will empower you through her own stories, which you find in her victories throughout her life, compelling and challenging you for your own circumstances!

From the very beginning of her book, it summed up quite nicely with words like STOP…What doesn’t serve you! Then she moves on to spell out exactly the points of what we all have the inherent pattern to follow in life. You will like the one at the top…Playing The Victim and in her next example, Ways to Live a Better Life: START…Believe in Yourself!

Anke Mayer, with these two simply stated phrases demonstrates the path her words take as she helps you build a brighter life for yourself. It’s a natural reaction to Play The Victim, when life throws you curves difficult to accept but with Anke at the helm, you will hit these walls with a positive outlook and be prepared to Believe in Yourself enough to stand strong, not as a victim but in ways to see yourself as the winner you are!

As you venture through the pages of her book, you will soon realize that you do need to stop trying to make others happy but to first make yourself happy by taking control of your own life and creating your own destiny of happiness. It is through those dreams and wishes you only thought possible in your mind, you will truly find the peace of your future happiness and only then can you make anyone else happy. It’s a very simple concept really, but Anke Mayer, helps you visualize the direction you must follow to succeed. She helps you stop making excuses by thinking with enthusiasm and positivity.

Have you ever had a dream and someone tell you that it was impossible? Did you listen? Author Anke Mayer, helps you bring those dreams back in focus. She tells you if you can dream it, plan it, believe in it and yourself, all things are possible and within your reach. Quoting her, she says, “If you want your dreams to come true, it’s up to you to make them happen!”

The same is true in all phases of your life such as finances, nutrition and health and in your own relationships. She recommends you dream and then you act on them. Don’t be passive in your life but instead stand up and be counted for who you are meant to be, not what anyone else thinks you should be! These and so many amazing tips are yours…how to slow down aging, have a healthy life with less stress and stronger muscles, the importance of exercise and energy development, family ties…Anke shows you the entire body health from mental to emotional and physical well-being, so why not get started on what you want in life?

All you need to begin, is to just pick up a copy of her book, written just for you and get headed towards the life you deserve. It’s all available to you so you can grab on to life, and take it where you want to go! To win, you need to only understand the Happiness Cycle.

Feel Amazing and Look Even Better:

Understanding the Happiness Cycle

by Anke Mayer


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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” - Mark Twain

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