One Inspires Many

One Inspires Many

Be The One

Authored by Peter Schmitz

This GRIPPING REALITY is shared with courage, integrity and with Grit!

Peter Schmitz, at the age of 60, decides to take you on his journey of overcoming life’s struggles he, himself has overcome, by being inspired by those around him. Peter, pens his story, One Inspires Many, Be The One, to help you find the inspiration to overcome whatever demons you face and in turn, help others, face their own.

Peter’s mission in life has become one of dedication, to inspire as many as possible through the chapters in his book. His book allows everyone interested in surviving in life, to experience his challenges and victories. His intentions are that his readers see their own misfortunes but with hope and determination to becoming not just a survivor, but that of a winner instead! He wants you to understand giving up and allowing the world around you to devour your mindset with feelings of self-pity is not an answer but to fight back each and every day, until you reach the other side, triumphant and elated the challenge was conquered! He demonstrates it over and over again his book.

Reading, One Inspires Many, Be The One, you will be inspired to be the best anyone can be. You will not see your disabilities, but instead, you will see any shortcomings as an asset that enables you to participate in life without blinders. His book, will command your energy, to find that certain someone who will inspire you to move forward…not look back with regrets but ahead to what life still has for you, if only, you never give up!

Although at the young impressionable age of 16, he faced a major and tragic disappointment in life, Peter, in time learned to fight back the emotions that were of rage, anger, disbelief and fear. Fear of the unknown, solutions for challenges that were ahead for both he and his family. He had never seen an artificial arm or had a reason to even giving it any thought, yet it was his reality, that he had to face head on. All in the tender teenage years of his life when time had not prepared him for any thoughts of accidental disabilities, that could or would change his life forever!

His book will inspire you as his coach had him to succeed while never allowing him to give up. Saying anything but yes, I will, was not an option in Peter’s life and he shows his readers how to be the same way with their own mindsets through examples.

Each and every challenge he met with the same determination that was steered by inspiration that Peter found from those in his life, who surrounded him. He helps you realize the importance of family and friends. It was his mother, that gave Peter, everything he needed to keep on fighting to stay positive even when everything felt so hopeless. He found the courage with sheer grit and found his ability to cope becoming a winner. He says, “During these formative years, my self-esteem and confidence blossomed as I was able to overcome my disability. It was during this time that I came to understand that it was not what I had lost, but what I had left that would matter; I knew that I would have to use my brain and my talents versus my hands and physical body to earn a living.” His message is loud and strong on how to never except the negatives but to find the good and positives in life.

Inside this book, you will find many such stories of incredible individuals, with successful endings, meant to inspire the most negative, to believe in life again.

Peter Schmitz, faced his new life, being re-defined by his accident, but living the next half of a century, breaking new records for himself and learning a different pathway for his future.

His journey came with great pain, sadness, frustration, loneliness and mourning for the loss he endured but he also celebrated his victory in overcoming his greatest defeat. Peter turned his defeat into a life experience, devoting his time and energy to helping others become an inspiration, much like others were to him.

Peter shares with you: You can and will make a difference! Be the One!

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