The Empowered Mindset

The Empowered Mindset

The Empowered Mindset

Powerful Strategies to Transform Your Life

Authored By

C. Tracey McGruthers


The Empowered Mindset brings it all home for you with strategies to positively transform your life. This extraordinary book will welcome you aboard a transformational journey, alongside Tracey, that takes your mind and spirit to places they have not yet explored. The confidence she will instill into your is powerful, and it will navigate you on your path of success.

This book is extremely well written, providing you with the tools to create the positive changes you desire in a clear and constructive manner.

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Author McGruthers, begins with her first words, portraying with compassion that she understands why you have elected to picking up this book, she follows with the quote, “You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.” by Timber Hawkeye, to set the tone of her strategic and tranquil outlook on life, which she offers up to you.

Tracey refers to passion and purpose in a way that makes you contemplate your preconceived views of it, feeling as though it is important how you inspire others as well as how they inspire you. Specializing in adult learning and behavioural science combined with her real-life experience, her focus is in guiding the most vulnerable though the darkest days endured in life so that through resilience they rediscover their happiness, passion and purpose. To be inspired is great but to inspire others in incredible. ​Salvador Dali, states - A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others, ​which is exactly as she states and proves over and over again in her book, The Empowered Mindset:  Powerful Strategies to Transform Your Life.    

In her own life she faced devastation and heart break and through this she draws an abundance of strategies to help so many others. She has encountered grief and loss from her own family when losing her mother at an early age, her father from cancer and her sister in a tragic automobile accident, but with time, she found peace in celebrating the lives of her loved ones, and strength in honouring their legacies. She has dedicated her book in honour of their memory, but with her gifts of articulation and perseverance has done so much more. Tracey has given or paid forward to everyone, the remarkable gift of courage to stand up for what you believe in and to speak your underlying truth.

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C. Tracey McGruthers, has taken the simple words perspire, inquire, rewire, acquire and transpire to levels of application and comprehension in her chapters where her readers learn how to evolve from remaining a victim, purging their thoughts, owning their decisions, believing in themselves, and living the life in which they aspire. She shares insight on how to deal with the emotional brain, becoming conscious of the negative thoughts and re-educating your mind, stepping forward into honest communication and authenticity.

The gift to her readers is like an artist, painting a roadmap of where life can take you if only you remember to never give up and you stop along the way to be grateful for the simple blessings that fill you with joy. There are many such gifts from this author throughout her book, The Empowered Mindset.

C. Tracey McGruthers, wants you, her readers, to know, hope is obtainable, but you must believe.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there by T. Roosevelt

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