Life's Keys to Building Better Relationships

Life's Keys to Building Better Relationships

New Year New You for 2018 - An award-winning author, Dennis Garrido, has penned a new book that will appeal to anyone who wants to live a better life and enjoy more fruitful relationships. Written in clear and unfussy language, ‘Refine Yourself – Cultivate and Implement 6 Key Qualities for Enhanced Relationships’ is a practical, step-by-step guide aimed at business professionals and couples, although the book is sure to engage a wider audience. After all, who doesn’t want to get more from life and have more meaningful relationships?

Author Dennis Garrido writes with authority on the attitude and personal attributes that are key to developing better relationships, both with yourself and with others. In many ways, defining and refining his capacity for forgiveness, trust, respect and love has been Dennis’ life work. Removed from his parent’s home and taken into the custody of the Children’s Aid Society at age 11, he has had to overcome many challenges along the way, including bullying, depression and attempted suicide. Learning to deal with his own demons and a number of difficult relationships, has helped to make Canadian-based Dennis the successful lifestyle coach he is today. His journey is the inspiration for the book and he wrote from his heart.


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“I can relate to the struggles many are going through or have gone through. Becoming a loving, respectful and trustworthy individual doesn’t happen overnight and improving relationships takes time and effort. My book offers clear and practical advice and shows readers how to get there.” states Dennis Garrido.

As the book’s subtitle states - ‘Cultivate and Implement 6 Key Qualities for Enhanced Relationships’, to develop better relationships, individuals need to cultivate and implement six key qualities. These include forgiveness, communication, trust, care for others, respect, and love. Each one of the six qualities are explored in depth with examples of how they are vital to help build excellent, profound and meaningful relationships. 

Why is forgiveness so effective at helping to regain control of our lives and how does lack of forgiveness blight our relationships? How important is trust and communication to personal and business relationships? What does it mean to care about others and how can it bring more happiness into our own lives? How do we share and receive love, and why do we all crave respect? Answers to these questions and more are covered over the course of eight well-defined and insightful chapters.

‘Refine Yourself’ also describes the author’s own journey and how he went about changing his life for the better. To order a copy of this uplifting and instructive book, go to or you can order directly from Amazon and also look for his other book called The Authorities – Powerful Wisdom from Leaders in the Field by Dennis Garrido.


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