Mu Legend Faction War Launched and some Bug fixed in January 9, 2018 update

Just two months right after the official Mu Legend OBT launch, this release sees the introduction of the highly anticipated Faction War content material. This new challenge, the initial of its type within the ARPG genre, invites avid guild & PvP players to participate in epic, guild-driven PvP matches.

Guilds can battle amongst each other for the ascendancy of your server by conquering territories and expanding their empires.

The MU Legend team has prepared a collection of information for this update, and In this Post, Mu2zen Will share what updated for you:
Bug fixes
- Fixed the "Countdown bug" for the 1 Vs. 1 Duels
- Fixed the bugs known as "Darkhorsebug" (Using other skills while sitting on the dark horse) and "Fire Bludgeon bug" (Ignoring the enemies defense) for the Darklord.
- Fixed an issue where the wrong enchantment level shown by selling an Item inside the Auction house.
- Fixed an error at the Auction House where the wrong Item was registered
- The Display error on some types of wings removed
- Fixed a bug that shows "Not Disposable" for some Items
- Fixed a bug character is not automatically kicked out of tournament zone when a match is over
- Fixed a bug Blader's Rampaging EXP is not increasing just after using it
- Fixed a bug item's background color does not appear inside the contribution shop
Know Issues
- Players dying in 3v3 mode can be disconnected from the game, forcing them to go back to character selection screen.
The development team has notified, and we are working on solving this issue as soon as possible.

Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin, comments: "This exciting update completes the MU Legend OBT version. Following the success of this update in Korea, we are very keen to see the reactions of our global players."

He continues: "This will be the last update for MU Legend's OBT. From now on we will work exclusively on MU Legend's official release, which will include the much-anticipated new class, the Spellbinder. It's the first time that we're announcing this officially, but it is my pleasure to confirm that we are aiming for MU Legend's official release in Q1 of 2018."

During the upcoming week, players are invited to check out periodic updates and other posts regarding the official release on the MU Legend website (, the official Facebook page ( and Buy Mu Legend zen website(

Hundreds of thousands of players have already participated inside the global OBT, which is available in English, French, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, German and Polish. WEBZEN reminds players that there will be NO WIPE right after the OBT, hence all characters from the OBT will stay available indefinitely.

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