Kate Williams theories are gaining prominence throughout Europe

Dr. Kate Williams is regarded as one of the most prominent and influential female historians in the United Kingdom. A specialist in modern history, royal and constitutional affairs, Kate has produced several number of history books, novels and biographies and did full justice to every individual and event which came under her review. With her lively writing style, scholarly depth and accuracy, Kate has reproduced the history in a true manner. Be it her fiction or nonfiction books, features,  comments or history book reviews, she makes the history live again in her representation. This is the reason this English intellectual scholar’s historical theories are gaining prominence throughout Europe. Kate (born on November 30, 1974) studied her BA at Somerville College, Oxford where she was a College Scholar. She took her MA in 18th-century writing and society at Queen Mary, University of London. She did a master's degree in creative writing from Royal Holloway, University of London, and did her DPhil at Oxford.


Kate comes up with her theories about historical figures, events and connections after making thorough historical analysis of each and every fact through the systematic examination and research, and comparing the conflicting ideologies impartially. Her bestselling books include biographies of  Emma Hamilton and Queen Victoria, that she wrote after years of extensive research in archives across the world. Her two other creations, namely ‘The Pleasures of Men’, and ‘The Ring and the Crown’ won her the commendation from around the world. Her first book about the biography of Emma Hamilton was published in 2006. The book, entitled ‘England's Mistress: the Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton’, was named ‘Book of the Year’ in the Times and the Independent, ‘Book of the Week’ on Radio 4, and was shortlisted for the prestigious British literary award, Marsh Prize for Biography. Her second book 'Becoming Queen', was published in September 2008, and it depicts the the passionate youth of Queen Victoria and Princess Charlotte, England's lost queen. The book was serialised in the Sunday Telegraph - Stella Magazine, and a Book of the Year in the Tatler and Spectator. The author also discussed this book on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, The Guestlist on Classic FM and the Simon Mayo programme on Radio 5 Live.


With a historian’s eye for detail and an author’s flair, Kate is capable of duly separating condense fact from fiction and truth from error. She creates theories and reconstruct the history after doing archival research and combing through a number of sources and previously undiscovered letters and documents. These are the things that make Kate’s theories of history reliable and authenticated. Her strong vision, integrity, understanding of the ideologies of the near and far past, depth of character and her ability to communicate the history to others in a remarkable way have altogether helped her record her name in the list of top and prominent British Historians and excel in her achievements across the continent. Kate’s dedication to work and her outstanding contribution in reconstruction of UK history encourage several publications, British newspapers and magazines to invite her to write academic essays, articles, features, comment pieces as well as review history books.   


A renowned British historian and radio and television broadcaster, Kate Williams’ website is http://www.kate-williams.com where you can find the highly educative and qualitative writings of her. The site also provides information about her background, educational qualifications, skills and her historical masterpieces. Kate also works as an expert on radio and television, discussing historical matters as well as a range of social and constitutional issues, and gives lectures to public groups, events, literary festivals and dinners regularly in England and Europe. She acts as a social historian, royal and historical expert for various channels and also appears in documentaries and often covers all the major royal events for all the channels. One can find video footage of her lectures and TV and radio appearances listed on the website.

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