- Introducing simple and easy foreign book rights sales - Introducing simple and easy foreign book rights sales

PubMatch has joined forces with Publishers Weekly, an international news website and have created a convenient, automated, web-based tool for buying and selling of online book rights. The system allows buyers and sellers to directly interact on the website, making it a convenient and easy solution for dealing with foreign book right sales.

With affiliates in more than 97 countries, covering more than 20 languages, PubMatch offers members a wide range of services. It includes the ability to authorize what's for sale, print run, a 'look inside the book' functionality through PDF uploads, ability to build author's, company, or individual title profiles, create an 'on-the-fly' catalog before trade shows, and much more. The partnership with Publishing Weekly adds a sophisticated support to the mix, with a focus on complete book translations and distribution.

Speaking about the inspiration behind starting this service, Seth Dellon, Director of Product Development for PubMatch said, "We wanted to create a tool that makes entering into a foreign rights contracts transparent and straightforward that was earlier challenging due to the limitations of not understanding the product mix, language barriers, or not knowing tax implications. There was an urgent need to facilitate a direct relationship  with authors and publishers giving them a common platform to introduce the content into foreign markets."

The tool provides an exciting opportunity to large publishing houses that want to monetize their backlist, for independent authors to access new markets, and for agents - new prospects for selling foreign book rights.

This latest offering of PubMatch comes with a wide array of features including the ability to track your loyalty payments, receive notification about the expiration of your contract, a quick email service that alert users to potential matches that match their requirements, and more. It aims to provide all the information at your fingertips.

About PubMatch

PubMatch facilitates data warehousing, communication and the simplification of rights marketing for authors, agents, publishers, and other members of the literary community, making it a one-stop solution for the international publishing community to discover new talent and new titles.

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