Charting a Path to Financial Well-Being with Sissi Goh

Charting a Path to Financial Well-Being with Sissi Goh

November 2017 - A newly published book is designed to help individuals plan for the future and look forward to enjoying a wealthy retirement. This highly informative and accessible book will appeal to anyone who is interested in creating an achievable and realistic investment strategy that will provide a healthy nest egg for their golden years – a book for just about everyone, in other words.

‘Wealth Management Isn’t Just for the Rich – Secrets to Retiring in Luxury’ is by Sissi Goh, a financial professional with a breadth of experience in private wealth and investment consulting, including hedge fund analysis and wealth management. Having advised clients on a wide range of financial products and services, Sissi’s philosophy is that an individual’s real wealth encompasses both financial and psychological aspects and that everyone can enrich their lives by adopting some of the principles of the wealthy.

Sissi Goh graduated from Columbia University in New York with a Master of Public Administration in International Finance Policy and Management, and now lives and works in Singapore. After helping numerous private clients to grow their personal wealth, Sissi says she is keen to share her insights and expertise with a wider audience, including those with fairly modest personal wealth: “The purpose of this book is to help those who care about their financial well-being to focus on the bigger picture and plan ahead for a more secure and wealthier retirement.”

The book aims to provide a deeper understanding of finance and inspire individuals to start planning and developing an effective investment strategy for the future. Written in straightforward, easy to follow language, ‘Wealth Management Isn’t Just for the Rich – Secrets to Retiring in Luxury’ comprises nine clearly delineated chapters that forms a blueprint for achieving greater wealth.

Readers are invited to examine their relationship with money and to develop the right attitude to finances. Sissi also spells out how to make personal wealth grow by creating streams of passive income and looks at the various saving options that are available. Other chapters include an introduction to the different types of investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, venture capitals and private equities; the pros and cons of each type of investment, and she provides tips on building a solid portfolio. Understanding how the markets work, the different levels of risk involved in investing, how to create an investment strategy for each life stage, and how to meet your retirement goals are all topics covered in this well-written publication.

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