New Steampunk Style Horses In Adult Coloring Book Launched October 16


Award winning best selling artist Equine artist Cindy Elsharouni has launched  her brand new book, “Horses : Mysteries And Wonders”. The book is now available on amazon and is expected to become a big hit with fans of the Adult Coloring Book world.

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This is the fourteenth book Elsharouni has created. The book was illustrated with the aim in mind to introduce a new style of artwork into the coloring book market. Cindy's main goal is to challenge colorists to create more sophisticated artwork through their coloring without the frustration that accompanies growing a new skill.

There's also particular excitement about this launch because it is the first type of book of it's kind at least in Cindy's work. She has dived into the steampunk world and Victorian style and successfully integrated this with beautiful horses. Her intent was to go beyond just regular equine art and to tackle a decorative style that adds some fun and excitement to the coloring page. A little change in style can go a long way with bringing a smile to someone's face especially when they see their own finished colored page impressive and beautiful. .

Horses : Mysteries And Wonders sets its main focus on particularly the steam engine era but also integrated other styles like art nouveau. It's a combination of these styles with a sense of fantasy that makes this artwork standout. The horses are drawn very realistically. Even more than Cindy's previous coloring books which were focused more on line art and designs.

This book has a more fine art feel. It is more focused on freehand and sketching style than line art. There is more shading and more anatomical accuracy but without forgetting the goal which is the coloring. Cindy did not only include various breeds of horses but as in all her books created these specific and distinguished breeds as their mystical counterparts such as unicorns and Pegasuses. Whether it's a fantasy horse or a realistic one, the background conveys it in a fantasy setting.

Cindy Elsharouni has a background in equine art and an extensive background in coloring books and illustration as well. Her previous adult coloring books have sold hundred of thousands and her first book “The Amazing World of Horses” is still a favorite among colorists and horse lovers.

Her desire was to push the limits and create something different and unusual. This helped shaped the creation of the book by finding a way to challenge and improve people's creative journey. Cindy's fans in particular show increased development in desire and skill. Her artwork has allows thousands to try coloring and creating art and feel good about themselves in the process.

Cindy Elsharouni states, “Every is born with a desire to create something. I believe anyone can be an artist if they desire to go on the journey.”

Elsharouni has hopes that the book will inspire more people to not be afraid to be creative and especially target those who love horses to enjoy the beauty of the horse in all it's form.

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