America's Female CEOs, for children (True Stories/Non-Fiction)

America's Female CEOs, for children (True Stories/Non-Fiction)

A new business-oriented girl-empowerment book is realeased featuring girls-only-in-lead-roles. The book empowers girls to achieve anything they set their minds to, and not allow themselves to feel anything less that equal in regard to what they can accomplish. It also educates -early in development- young boys to ascribe to true Gender Equality, in life, in school, and at the workplace later on. One of the books in the series is “Little Girls Powerful CEOs: From Role-Play to Real-Life” which highlights the educational and professional paths of some of the most influential top female executives shaping America and the world. The book is written at grade school level (ages 9-12). The full list of these female luminaries in this title can be seen below:

• Susan: CEO of YouTube

• Indra: CEO of Pepsi

• Mary: CEO of General Motors

• Ursula: CEO of Xerox

• Meg: CEO of eBay

• Marissa: CEO of Yahoo

• Mary: CEO of Rite Aid

• Virginia: CEO of IBM

• Rosalind: CEO of Sam’s Club

• Safra: President of Oracle

• Carly: CEO of Hewlett-Packard

• Sheryl: COO of Facebook

• Martha: CEO & founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

• Debra: CEO of BET (Black Television Network)

• Zoe: President of Morgan Stanley

• Lisa: CEO of Advanced Micro Devices

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