New book to push forward on an undiverted path of optimism

A new book promises to guide those going through struggles to new times filled with positivity and enlightenment.

'Last Match - When Two Worlds Collide' by Mike Box will take a powerful autobiographical route, taking readers on a journey through their own challenges, and showing them how they can make it to a brighter existence.

With a focused agenda of "helping those who are struggling", 'Last Match - When Two Worlds Collide' has been written from the perspective of an author who has achieved the satisfaction of overcoming major hurdles in his life. It is these experiences which it is expected readers can benefit from, teaching them perseverance and leading them to enlightenment.

Having met the love of his life and being a father to his son, Mike feels at the ideal point in his life to share with others his philosophies and the robust mental attitude which has allowed him to overcome some dark times.

Among the topics which Mike delves into, giving readers a powerful and moving insight into his own life, are his early days, the wrestling tournament accident which changed things forever, the process of rehab and healing, planning his future, and starting a new life. Mike underlines the importance of community, and surrounding yourself with the right people - a sentiment which many readers are expected to identify with.

There were rosier times ahead for Mike Box after his accident, and these positivity-filled chapters are also given space within 'Last Match - When Two Worlds Collide'. Finding love, building a family, and looking ahead to the future are all subjects which Mike offers an inspiring voice which is capable of leading readers through their own tough times. It is an optimistic final part to a tome which plots a path through gloomy days and into the light, concluding on a decidedly euphoric note.

The following two reader reviews are among the early positive feedback for 'Last Match - When Two Worlds Collide':

"Mike has enlightened me by changing my life and what I take for granted. He has changed my thought process on the value of time and each minute I have on earth. I know all can be taken from me in a blink of an eye."

"Mike has given endlessly to family and friends in hopes to help change their lives in a positive way. Even though he struggles with negative forces he continues to strive for greatness."

Mike Box has confirmed that with every purchase, $1 will be donated to stem research for spinal cord injuries.

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