101 Powerful Children Affirmations: A New Motivational Book by G.J. Barabino Now Available at Amazon

New Orleans, LA – October 2, 2017: Author and motivational speaker, G.J. Barabino is thrilled to announce the release of his new inspirational book titled “101 Powerful Children Affirmations.” The 101 Powerful Children Affirmations "A Guide To Positive Child Self Image" is a simple guide loaded with wonderful and inspirational affirmations designed to uplift young people’s spirits. The 101 Children Affirmations Book is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and all major book stores in ebook or print book versions.

This positive and powerful children's affirmation is chock full and loaded with wonderful inspirational sayings that can lift children self-image to whole new levels through the awesome power of the spoken word. The book will help children to provide a foundation, a launching pad so that they can reach for the stars to accomplish all of their dreams.

“This book is written to assist families in delivering positive affirmations to their children. Nowadays, with so much negative programming spread all over the world, we now more than ever need a positive outlook for a young person!” Said GJ Barabino, Author of 101 Powerful Children Affirmations. “My new book is easy and understandable to read with clear instruction that teaches children how to get the most out of every affirmation. It's sure to be a hit with you and your family” He added.

A school teacher, Megan S. while talking about 101 Powerful Children Affirmations said, “101 Powerful Children Affirmations is a must read if you have children dealing with difference issue! I read it during book time with my children.”

Those positive feelings from this book will also magnify their confidence which is very essential because it can reduce the chances of them venturing into things that are harmful and counterproductive. It’s imperative to know that the key to using affirmations effectively is to personalize them, and this will be a guide for child development.

For more information, please visit: http://www.lulu.com/shop

About the GJ Barabino

GJ Barabino is a dad, researcher, historian, poet & motivational speaker. Barabino is the author of such books as How To Become Your Most Ultimate Self, "Using The Universal Key To Unlock Your Most Ultimate Form", 333 Powerful Life Changing Affirmations, "Get The Absolute Most Out Of Your Life", Exercising Your Faith Muscle, "How Super powered Faith Can Help Your Visions Manifest Faster", The Black Woman & The Black Man Guide To The Universe, "Using The Universal Laws To Improve & Empower Your Life" & Nation Of Suckers, "How The Taxpayer Pays For Everything"

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