Halloween Movies with True Horrors Detailed in Reel Horror

Halloween Movies with True Horrors Detailed in Reel Horror Halloween Movies with True Horrors Detailed in Reel Horror


SAN FRANCISCO; October 1, 2017: Horror films are intended to scare moviegoers out of the seats, but Reel Horror, volumes one and two, take the horror one step further and covers the “real” horrors behind the “reel” horrors.

San Francisco author John W. Law,chronicled the true tales of terror in his first volume Reel Horror – True Horrors Behind Hollywood’s Scary Movies (Aplomb Publishing) and has followed the success up with a second volume, Reel Horror II.

For Law, the book was a challenge that resulted from the success of an earlier work. “I had done a book years earlier that chronicled troubled movie productions, and it included several on horror films,” recalled Law.  “It seemed that the horror film stories were the ones that got the most interest and attention. So, a few years later I began thinking it would be interesting to do a collection of stories surrounding horror films.”

Reel Horror includes notable stories from his first book like The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby, but adds in new tales surrounding the making of films like The Crow, Psycho, Twilight Zone – The Movie, Amityville Horror and Jaws, among others. Reel Horror II details classic like The Omen, Wait Until Dark, Incubus, Open Water and more.

Stories like The Exorcist from Curse of the Silver Screen (Aplomb Publishing,) were a must to include, says Law, but the new stories take the tales to a whole new level. “The Exorcist really was the quintessential horror film and horrific behind-the-scenes story,” says Law. “But it’s been featured in a number of places since the book was published and is pretty well known.  But there’s so many great stories to tell.

Which story is the most horrific? “It’s hard to say, says Law.  “Each story is included for different reasons.  Some, like Psycho and Amityville Horror are included because of the true tragic stories on which the films are based, while others like The Crow and Twilight Zone – The Movie have truly tragic consequences from the filming of the movies.”

“Of all the stories, though,” says Law,  “ The Poltergeist series is truly gripping because each of the films has death associated with it.  Shortly after the final feature was shot, the young star died suddenly, explains Law. “The final film was pretty much a failure, in part because I think people didn’t really want to see this young girl terrorized by demons knowing that she had recently died. But her death, along with the murder of another actress who played her older sister in the first film, and several actors in the second film, make the films stand out.”

But it’s far from the only story worth telling, adds Law.  “The other major stories, like Twilight Zone – The Movie and The Crow, also stand out because there’s such tragedy behind their making and the process of dealing with those tragedies and completing the films make them fascinating stories in their own right.”

Law also hosts a podcast series on iTunes called "Behind the Screen with The Movie Files" where he discusses film history and behind the scenes tales of classic movies.

The print book was orignally published in 2004 and updated in a release for 2008 with an accompanying audio book.  The sequel, Reel Horror II was released in 2013.  The sequel has since been released with an enhanced edition on iTunes.

Available in book stores and online in time for Halloween, “Reel Horror – True Horrors Behind Hollywood’s Scary Movies” and “Reel Horror II” are packed with photos in an oversized 8 ½ x 11 format. Visit www.aplombpublishing.com for more book information.


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