Lela Gibson Announces the Release of Her New Book Sharing the Secrets of Human Behavior

Lela Gibson shares her insight into human behavior in her new book entitled, ‘Psychology: How to Analyze People Using Human Psychological Techniques, Language Signals, Social Skills, and Personality Types’.

UNITED STATES, August 04, 2017Psychology today, is not quite enough by itself, to help us understand all of the dynamics of human behavior. Lela Gibson’s new book, Psychology: How to Analyze People Using Human Psychological Techniques, Language Signals, Social Skills, and Personality Types’,addresses the all too familiar mystery of human behavior. All of us have wondered at one time or another in our lives, how we can learn how to predict what another is going to do, or say. This can be anything from wondering if we’ got the job’, or if he’s going to “pop the question”. These are just a couple of the many questions and behaviors we may be trying to identify. Lela Gibson can’t tell you if you ‘got the job’, or if she’ll ‘say yes’, but she can help you to identify some of the signs and signals that can help us to understand the behavior of others.

Whether in paperback form ($9.99)or Kindle eBook ($2.99), Lela shares some of the simplest techniques, tips, and secrets to help her readers to navigate their way through human behavior, using psychology.She accomplishes this by teaching her readers how to; analyze body language, how to use their own social skills to discovering different types of personalities (including their own), how to observe and analyze people, and how to be in more control over their own destiny. The skills her readers can develop from the techniques she offers are priceless.

Lela Gibson is a successful internet entrepreneur with a library of books under her belt that cover subjects that range from children’s books to health aid books. She travels the world gathering information, techniques and secrets to share with her readers. Lela is a health and fitness enthusiast, who believes that life should be lived to the fullest. She began at a young age to envision her future as an entrepreneur, and consequently, found her passion and talent to help others live their lives to the fullest. As a young girl, her dream was for the world to have more happy, healthy people, and now she is making that dream come true, one reader at a time!

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