New Books For Amazon Kindle Listing Information on Unique Weight Loss Efforts

                                  Special Guides Focus on Negative Calorie Foods and Anti-Inflammatory Dietary Work

Budapest – August 04, 2017: Author Lela Gibson has written two new books for sale for the Amazon Kindle that helps people to understand how to use a negative calorie diet. The books are sold in the Negative Calorie Diet and Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide Box Set.

The first book is all about negative calorie foods. These are foods that require more energy to be digested than what the food has. The book includes information on how to use such foods in one’s everyday diet including a variety of citrus fruits, green vegetables and much more. The guide focuses heavily on how people can consume such healthy foods as a means of losing weight.

The second book focuses on learning how to consume a healthy diet in order to avoid inflammation. The book concentrates on how one’s diet causes inflammation to develop in the body, thus causing pains and often a struggle to lose weight. The book has information on how to work with fiber, protein and other critical food points to keep inflammation under control.

The book set focuses on a 21-day plan for losing weight. This comes as it is easier for people to burn off fats when using these proper dietary efforts. They are all good standards that are suitable and strong for anyone to handle without being overly complicated or tough to use in any case.

Information on key nutrients, healthy fats and the importance of water is included. The meal frequency standards listed in the guide are especially useful for all to utilize.

The points listed in these new books from Lela Gibson will help people with losing weight in a short period of time. These points are especially responsible and strong as they work with healthy foods without any medicines or other crash procedures that are dangerous and potentially harmful to get into.

The books can be downloaded off of Amazon onto any Kindle device or another device that uses a Kindle app. At more than eighty pages in length, the book is a quick read and yet it offers a sensible plan for helping anyone to learn more about what is available in certain dietary efforts without being overly complicated or hard to follow.

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