“Alice the Superbug” Kindle Edition Now Available at Amazon

August 04, 2017: A captivating story by Lela Gibson, a best seller writer in children books now has a kindle edition available at Amazon. Alice the Superbug is a quick bedtime children short story. The short story features, Alice as the superbug, a hero who fights the evil wolf and saves the rest of the animals. The story has been described as captivating and interesting as well as providing a moral lesson to the young readers.

Alice the Superbug targets toddlers and children, ages between 3 to 8 years.

The short story book can be purchased on Amazon at a limited discounted price of $0.99. Those who purchase the children’s short story book within the offer period get to save $3.

The story revolves around a group of animals who are faced with a biting water shortage. The animals had been enjoying water from a river which Lela beautifully describes a source of the “healthiest water”. All of a sudden they realize that the shortage was not natural, somebody was interfering with the water flow. Foxes found out that a villain named Rott the Wolf had blocked the river and was gathering water into a big machine, where they suspected was poisoning the water and returning it to the river. Alice the superbug came to save all the animals, which were facing a great danger.

There is also something unique about the story book, it comes with a guarantee. Most buyers know about money back guarantee in products such as electronic. The bestselling author promises those who may not like the book after the purchase a full refund and no questions will be asked

Lela Gibson says that Children love animal stories and that is why she used them as the characters. She promises to continue writing other captivating stories to keep the children entertained as well as provide moral lessons which can shape them positively.

The book can be obtained from https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073ZLLZZ9

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