Greet New People in Your Life by Saying "Welcome to the Family!" in More Than 100 Languages

Greet New People in Your Life by Saying "Welcome to the Family!" in More Than 100 LanguagesGreet New People in Your Life by Saying "Welcome to the Family!" in More Than 100 Languages

CUPERTINO, CA —July 20, 2017 — In our lifetime, we meet a lot of different people, many of whom become a huge part of our lives. Welcome them with open arms as they enter your life and let them feel valued and loved with the help of this book.

AHAthat™ brings you “Welcome to the Family!”— a new AHAthat phrase book. If you have a new addition to the family, celebrate this joyous occasion by extending your felicitations personally or online by sharing the URL, If you have a new team member at work, show hospitality by sharing the URL, Greet everyone from all over the globe using over 100 translations from this AHAbook.

“One of life’s greatest gifts is the love of a family. Blood-related or not, these people help make your life worth living. What better way to show them hospitality and that you value them than by saying, 'Welcome to the Family'? In more than 100 languages, of course!” says Mitchell Levy @happyabout, The AHA Guy Thought Leader at AHAthat (

To learn how to automatically share AHAmessages from this book, check out this video:

Here are a few of the “Welcome to the Family!” phrases in multiple languages that you can share from this book:
• Vítej v rodině! (Welcome to the Family! in Czech) -- in more than 100 languages
• Welkom in de familie! (Welcome to the Family! in Dutch) -- in more than 100 languages
• Wilkommen in der Familie! (Welcome to the Family! in German) -- in more than 100 languages
• Fáilte go dtí an Teaghlach! (Welcome to the Family! in Irish) -- in more than 100 languages
• ¡Bienvenido a la familia! (Welcome to the Family! in Spanish) -- in more than 100 languages

If you want to see and share more great phrases in different languages, then register or use AHAthat as a guest to access the full list of books available in the library: Start sharing AHAmessages today!


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