Action is the Cure for Analysis Paralysis

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Action is the Cure for Analysis Paralysis

[City]— 7/15/2017 — A psychologist by the name of Barry Schwartz first coined the phrase, “Paradox of Choice.” Our modern “Google it” mentality means we have more choices that can improve our results, but at a price. The more choices there are, the greater anxiety or indecision we face. It’s something coined as “analysis paralysis.”


The only cure for analysis paralysis is to take action. That’s what Kula Sellathurai and Raymond Aaron's Action Leads to Success: The Book on Leadership prescribes.


“Massive action does not happen by accident,” explains Kula. “It requires a strong mental presence and a significant amount of energy.” After years of experience, Kula Sellathruai identified how crucial action is for those who want to be become leaders. And he used it to create a clear system for becoming a person who takes action, wisely and fast.


It spells the difference between those who lead and those who follow.


"Leaders see their potential emerge when they identify problems. But they can't stop there. They need to know which are too great to overcome or too small to even ponder. You must be aware of what's going on around you. You have to see obstacles and opportunities as ways to further your vision and purpose."


The book shares insights on the simple steps and actions anyone can take to transform into a leader. While there are many requirements of successful leadership, everything starts with purpose, vision. Leaders are willing to think about the big picture. They learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable. And no matter what's happening right now, they're always focused on their next move.


Leadership principles matter to everyone, regardless of their rung on the corporate ladder. A 2010 survey showed employees waste half of their workday receiving and managing information. That leaves little time for doing their jobs and taking action. To rise above the herd, there's work required. Great leaders can inspire their teams to leave analysis paralysis behind them. Efficiency and productivity will skyrocket. Revenues will, too. The fastest route to getting there is becoming a leader who takes action.


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