New Book Serves Up Strategies for Supersizing Tips to Servers Facing Stagnant Wages (Without Having to Wait for an Act of Congress)

New Book Serves Up Strategies for Supersizing Tips to Servers Facing Stagnant Wages (Without Having to Wait for an Act of Congress)

Last month, on May Day, thousands of restaurant servers and staff took to the streets across the nation to protest stagnant wages and a higher living wage. However, notwithstanding the struggles they face, wage stagnation for servers and staff is deeply entrenched, with many earning the same wage servers earned twenty years ago – even though the industry is reporting record sales. 

Authors John Golde and Raymond Aaron decided that they didn’t want to wait around for an act of Congress to make a difference. By combining their extensive global sales experience, they have released Win-Win-Win Strategies for Supersizing Your Tips, a guide designed to empower not just the wait staff being instructed, but ultimately their guests and employers as well.

According to author John Golde, “The journey from becoming a mediocre server who occasionally gets a great tip to being a super server who always rakes in the big bucks at the end of the night is not something that takes place overnight. But it will happen a whole lot faster than waiting around for someone else to overcome decades of wage debates.”

It Starts with a Shift in Thinking…
Beyond political debates and stances that are beyond a servers control, there are several things that wait staff can act on immediately to increase their earnings. But the most critical step is a shift in thinking, a shift that takes them away from thinking of themselves merely as service staff and to adopt the role of a sales professional. It is this kind of paradigm shift that explains why 8 out of 10 restaurant owners started out as entry level employees, but didn’t stop their career track there. 

Supersizing Your Tips recognizes the power of that dream and that drive and works to empower restaurant servers and staff with practical, easy-to-implement strategies that can increase tips by as much as 40% or more per ticket. But more important than the action items is the change in thinking that evolves from the front to the back of the book. 

Not Just For Servers and Wait Staff
While the most obvious beneficiary of the book are the thousands upon thousands of restaurant servers busing tables and serving meals, they aren’t the only ones. Restaurant owners who have partnered with the authors by way of the Supersize Your Tips Club are winning, too. The majority report increased revenues and earnings, higher customer satisfaction, better reviews and improved employee engagement. 
Copies of Win-Win-Win Strategies for Supersizing Your Tips are available for purchase from or online from Amazon in print or Kindle edition. 


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