Insider Businessman’s Guide to Happiness: Xanadu Code, Reclaiming your Path to Passion, Purpose, Power and Peace by Zsolt Bicskey Released

Insider Businessman’s Guide to Happiness: Xanadu Code, Reclaiming your Path to Passion, Purpose, Power and Peace by Zsolt Bicskey Released

June 6, 2017 (Baltimore, MD) -  The long awaited insider businessman’s guide to happiness is finally available, Xanadu Code, Reclaiming your Path to Passion, Purpose, Power and Peace by Zsolt Bicskey.

The latest study of small business owners revealed the operation of that business to be both the greatest accomplishment and the ultimate stressor with 41% saying management of the business causes the highest stress levels. Owning and operating a successful business is an adventure and a mission impossible all in one. 

This book is for the BusinessMAN (sorry ladies)… who has made it, who has fought the good fight, who has beaten all the odds, who everyone looks at with envy. This book is for YOU and those like you who are keeping a painful secret behind the mask. This book is for YOU if you have ever wondered if the price you paid for your success was worth the sacrifice. This book is for YOU if you question why you don’t feel the same energy and thrill that you once had. This book is for YOU if you worry that you might be going through the motions of life more than being truly happy.
Even though we have been programmed to believe that we are the only ones feeling this unexpected let down… it is an infection experienced by the greatest men, the most illustrious leaders of the past and the present that presents itself with the illusion that you are along in your struggles, but you are NOT and you NEVER have been.

Xanadu Code takes its name from one of the greatest military and political leaders of all time, Kubla Khan, whose famous sanctuary Xanadu was credited with providing the peace and renewal needed for him to retain his position in the midst of chaos, violence and evil. The modern Xanadu Code is built on time-tested scientific and philosophical principles that peal back the mysteries of contentment and peace in the contemporary world.
 “Mediocrity is a DISEASE! My passion for training and excellence goes far beyond the firing range. With the right tools and instruction, everyone can live and work at their highest potential – far above the mediocrity of the masses. That’s why I am so honored to acknowledge the genius of my good friend and colleague Zsolt Bicskey in Xanadu Code, a program to help business warriors who have gone beyond mediocrity to excellence and now struggle with the accompanying loneliness and frustration that happens to all of us who view the world from the tops of mountains.”
-Chief Petty Officer Chris Sajnog, US Navy SEAL (sniper)

“Today’s business executives are plagued with insurmountable odds that would slay mere mortals, yet they are responsible for nearly every positive uptick in our global economy. Having served as an advocate and partner to business executives for decades, I am grateful for people like Zsolt Bicskey and programs like Xanadu Code that enable these modern heroes to continue to succeed and thrive.”
Dr. Kimberly Bonniksen, Best-Selling Author and Founder of Legend People Research & Marketing
If you are looking for a feel-good book about great business success, this is NOT it. If you are looking for a do it yourself fix my life book, this is also NOT it. If you want to really understand why the success you have achieved does not feel like enough… you have the RIGHT book.
Our mission is to support you through your excellence, but we are not blind to the trials that still come your way and we have broken the code. Check out to claim your own sanctuary.

But, maybe you are in the category above and do NOT need the intelligence or insight of someone else. If that’s that case, you are in good company with the others watching the leaders in your industry pull ahead. If, on the other hand, you are ready for innovation and optimal life experiences, perhaps Xanadu is right for you.
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