The Everyday Agency launches Good News Magazine - Everyday Giving

The Everyday Agency launches Good News Magazine -  Everyday Giving

Birmingham based marketing agency. The Everyday Agency has launched a new good news magazine. Aiming to help spread good news across the online landscape. Everyday Giving is a not-for-profit digital magazine which focuses on good news and solution based information in order to create and inspire change. During times of darkness with Brexit and the Trump election, news has been somewhat non inspiring. Mainstream media and news is continually focussed on problems in the world, with little resolution for improvements.

Everyday Giving wants to move away from this traditional model and focus on solution based news that helps to problem solve whilst empowering people and communities to make real changes within their lives. The magazine aims to be a resource for finding out about pertinent issues in the world, celebrating positive change, whilst also connecting and inspiring each other to be the best version of ourselves.

Sunita Dhaliwal, Chief Editor at Everyday Giving comments 
“Everyday Giving is about giving a little bit everyday day and how each good deed, idea or action can really start to change people’s lives for the better. We focus on everyday people, businesses, communities and charities who are actively doing this to create positive changes in their lives and those around them.”

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