African-American Woman Author Releases New Bestseller in Personal Website

African-American Woman Author Releases New Bestseller in Personal Website

United States -  May 2, 2017  Prolific African-American Woman Author LayLaa Latisha Hill has launched her first book of Poem entitled, “Kissed by Love and Cursed by Heartbreak”, in her personal website,

She also wrote motivational pieces like Bumps and Bruises; Relationship Woes; Choosing the Right Words; and, The Other Woman: Why you mad at her? The enigmatic poet is also a philanthropist who loves to help other people physically. Her masterpiece is aimed at helping readers find a mutual connection as well as emotional boost. As a Spoken Word Artist, Ms. Hill was able to come up with a creative magnum opus that is both romantic and heartbreaking. It provides an insight on both good and bad experiences of relationships.

“My book discloses my feelings as a woman and absolute need for love and affection. I also encourage men to read this manuscript so they will realize the emotional needs of the fairer sex,” the African-American Woman Author articulated. According to an editorial review, Ms. Hill’s poems will actually move readers and ideal for all age brackets. For one, it talks about poignant experiences many females live through and give details about sentiments that ordinary individuals may not find easy to put into words.

This one of a kind poet understands her readers clearly. “It’s just like conversing with a close colleague regarding heartaches such as crushes or split-ups“, Ivy Kimberly noted. Self-help books such as “Kissed by Love and Cursed by Heartbreak” can be a boon for women and teens currently experiencing difficult times in their lives. The primary objective of this Spoken Word Artist is to show readers she empathizes with all the pains and confusion produced by heart-breaking relationships. Yet, there is always something positive out of these unfortunate occurrences at the end of the day.

The first part, “Kissed by Love” illustrates the feelings of pleasure or stimulation along with the gullibility to the heartaches that women undergo after finding out things didn’t turn out as they dreamed of. The second part, “Cursed by Heartbreak” can help inconsolable women get back from their romantic adversities.

All in all, reading the book of poems by African-American Woman Author LayLaa Latisha Hill will help readers release fretfulness and lead to more fruitful relationships in the future.  Among the heartening aspects of this compilation of poems is that when it comes to the four-lettered word called LOVE, there is a good thing in this book for everybody.

About the Author

The ultimate poet, LayLaa Latisha Hill was born in January 20, 1973 and grew up in Brooklyn at the Lafayette Garden Housing Projects with her parents (Alonzo Davis and Anita Hill) as well as five siblings. She started writing poems at the age of 15 before submitting one to a writer’s magazine in 1995. At that time, she was described as an anonymous author.

She worked for several years at a foster care facility because of her education in the field of social services. Laylaa was employed for some time at the family court as liaison officer between social services and parents. She co-founded (together with five other women) an organization that became known as Mothers in Unity.

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