New Book Shows Anyone How To Be Happy Is Published

New Book Shows Anyone How To Be Happy Is Published


APRIL 20. 2017

Book Description: Choosing Happier is a book about our potential for living a much happier life when we learn and practice some very simple but powerful habits and ways of looking at the world.

This book busts the modern happiness myths that assert that we can find lasting happiness through having more money, buying more things, or being famous, successful or powerful. Instead, it provides science-backed, actionable, effective, and simple practices that can make being happier a whole lot easier whoever and wherever you presently are. It turns out that our ability to be happy is not dependent on our circumstances – our degree of happiness is an inside job and something that we can influence and choose!

In its essence, this is a book of joy, for it combines ancient wisdom and modern positive psychology, valuable insights into why we have got lost in pursuing happiness but not finding it, powerful but simple practices that make it easy to turn this situation around, and all interwoven with inspiring and humorous quotes about happiness and life. Rather than this book just being an interesting read, it has been written in a way that encourages and enables the reader to actually increase their levels of authentic happiness. The author has even provided tools, MP3 meditations and an online community forum to support readers to make that shift into greater positivity with ease.

Being happier is not the only end goal of this book. It has been shown that happier people are more creative, successful, productive, healthy, resilient and they have better relationships too – what’s not to like about these additional outcomes? In the bigger picture, happier people are more content, kind and generous. The more authentically happy people there are around the planet, the better off we all are.

If you read this book and do the exercises regularly you will develop empowering “happy habits” that will naturally increase your contentedness and joy, while reducing the time that you spend stuck in negative emotions. Don’t put learning these skills and habits off and remain in unnecessary unhappiness when you could become one of those people who seem to be able to cruise through life’s challenges with a smile on their face.

Author Biography: Jem Friar is a Health Coach, Life Coach, Happiness Coach, Naturopathic Consultant and the original Personal Detox Coach. He has trained in many forms of bodywork, yoga instruction and meditation. He presently lives near Dartmoor, in Devon, UK, where he is able to enjoy the luscious, green, rolling hills and a slower pace of country life.

Jem has a unique and fascinating perspective on life due to having spent 14 years living and working in over 50 countries around the world. When he can, he still loves to travel to explore different cultures, meet interesting people and appreciate the beauty of this amazing world. He has also spent over 28 years working directly with individuals and groups as an alternative therapist and coach, supporting them to live in a more balanced, healthy and happy way. 

Apart from his focus on self-growth and healing work on the individual level, Jem is passionate about humanity’s need to evolve and have a more benign impact on each other and our planet’s biosphere. To this end, he created the “Happier Planet Mission Statement” which lies behind everything that he now does:

"To inspire and enable people to live more content and happy lives so that we all express and experience a greater level of kindness, care and consciousness. In this way, humanity as a whole will be able to thrive in an environmentally sustainable, benevolent, socially just and peaceful way on planet Earth."

When not writing, Jem is either coaching individuals and groups online or running detox retreats. His coaching is either focused on supporting people to improve their health and well-being or to live more happily and in alignment with their purpose. He is particularly passionate about coaching anyone working in the field of creating positive planetary change i.e. with change makers who are attempting to make this world a better place.

More information about Jem can be found at:

Country Of Publication: United States
Does This Book Have Adult Content: No
Is This Book Large Print: No
USD Price: $11.97

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