Chased Into His Destiny 1, The Latest Bestselling African Novel

International bestselling author Orace F Obiora is pleased to announce the publication of Chased Into His Destiny 1 A novel written set in Africa that chronicles the life of Nwafor who wanted to become a Roman Catholic Church priest. A young boy chased from his home, dream and mentor only to end up in the direction of his destiny.

Chased Into His Destiny 1 is a bestselling African novel authored by Orace F Obiora. It tells the amazing story of Nwafor who fought against the trials and tribulations in his life to become a priest of the Roman Catholic Church. Born into an African family setting, Nwafor developed a strong love for Christian faith and way of life ever since he was a young boy. He aspired to become a priest with the Roman Catholic Church to take over running of his native village church from Fr. Marco van Brabant, the local white priest. However, within an African setting, it is traditionally considered to be extremely important to perpetuate the family’s name through the son. Therefore the family members of Nwafor strongly felt that he could not be allowed to live a life of celibacy that comes with embracing priesthood. This was even more so since Nwafor was the one and only child of his late father.

As Nwafor's closeness to Church became a growing concern for the family, it was decided that he would be separated from the Catholic Church and sent out to somewhere else from where he can learn a trade and someday become a responsible family man. However, his fate would have it otherwise and foster parents to whom he was sent were ardent Catholics who supported Nwafor's dream of becoming a priest. Finally he was able to walk into the direction of his own destiny. This latest African novel was written by Orace F Obiora who is a graduate of Astronomy and Physics, a bestselling author as well as a freelance teacher, consultant and writer.

Chased Into His Destiny 1 is a bestselling African novel authored by Orace F Obiora. It tells the amazing story of Nwafor is available as a digital download for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and other eReader devices. The book is also available in paperback format (ISBN: 1543007740) everywhere books are sold. For more information, please visit

About Chased Into His Destiny 1:
Chased Into His Destiny 1 is an inspiring novel written by Orace F Obiora that tells the tale of an African man who yearns to fulfill his dream of becoming a Roman Catholic Church priest. An appointment with "Destiny" on the road to avoid it.

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