Rubina Ratnakar’s Blogs Wins Critical Reader’s Appreciation After Its Launch

India, (February 20, 2017) – Bubbles of remorse, self pity, loss of motivation, constant self judgement; there are infinite emotional and psychological cuts and bruises as these that people usually deal with on an everyday basis. Keeping in mind the urgency to flow with the daily schedules in personal and professional lives, it is usually not possible for people to understand these issues in the first place, thereby suffering a helpless inability to address the same.

The recent blog launch by Rubina Ratnakar is aimed at offering an instant relief to people carrying such emotional burden; eventually helping readers kick start their self healing process with a smile on their face. The blogs that have made the debut as recently as yesterday deal with topics like self acceptance, forgiveness as well as finding purpose in life, each of which are relevant to just about anyone and everyone in today’s world.

As far as presentation of her blogs is concerned, Rubina Ratnakar has ensured maintaining simplicity in language and sentences which has contributed massively in making the expression of her thoughts very comprehensive, very easy to read and relatable at the same time. Rubina Ratnakar further expresses that this launch is only the first step to sharing her personal experiences of trial and error and living through it with the world.

The forthcoming blog posts that are lined up for release, intends to take readers on a journey through life where mistakes, obstructions, gloom and dismay are only the stepping stones for a better future. As has been expressed by the first few readers of her blogs, positivity beams through every sentence of the posts, a daily dose of which can lighten up an otherwise stressful day.

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About Rubina Ratnakar:
Rubina Ratnakar is a talented writer and devoted blogger who shares her life’s experiences full of trial and errors through her blogs. Her efforts bear a very fresh and comprehensive outlook towards the turbulences experienced in everyday life which has been appreciated by readers at large.


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