Language Guy® Podcast Just Released 5 New Fluency Episodes Announces Mark Frobose

Language Guy® Podcast Just Released 5 New Fluency Episodes Announces Mark Frobose Language Guy® Podcast Just Released 5 New Fluency Episodes Announces Mark Frobose

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                          CONTACT:  MARK FROBOSE/CREATOR
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Mark Frobose the “Language Guy®”, bestselling foreign language program creator and teacher announced the release of 5 new episodes of his popular Language Guy® Podcast on iTunes, the first totally free language learning iTunes podcast to focus exclusively on helping listeners to become fluent in any language. 

“In talking with our customers, one thing that became very clear was that they were in serious need of a versatile podcast system that would make it easy for them to learn in any language fluently while on the go,” said Mark Frobose, creator of iTunes “Language Guy® Podcast”  “That’s what “Language Guy® Podcast” was designed to address.” 

Frobose goes on to say the 3 major problems that his listeners constantly encounter when trying to learn a foreign language fluently are solved with his iTunes “Language Guy® Podcast”:

1. Never becoming fluent in a new language.  Mark’s podcast teaches listeners how to make fluency more certain by automating one’s language program into the fabric of their daily lives.
2. Not understanding how languages are learned.  Mark’s Language Guy® Podcast on iTunes explains in English how to become fluent in any language by following his “10 Commandments of Automatic Fluency”.
3. Not being able to remember or actually use their new language with native speakers.  Frobose explains in his podcast how to integrate an effective interval memory technique into any language program so that the listener remembers more of the language being taught, and then he provides free practice with his native speaking assistants in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and other languages.

“With my iTunes “Language Guy® Podcast” language learners always understand because I explain everything to them in English while my trained and degreed native language speakers train them to speak their language the way it’s really spoken,” said Mark Frobose
The initial response to my Language Guy® Podcast on iTunes has been even better than we expected,” continued Frobose.  “I think what we’re seeing here is that aspiring language learners are drawn to some of the other benefits of my Automatic Fluency concept as well.”

By subscribing and listening to Language Guy® Podcast on iTunes, language learners will now be able to:

* Understand and learn languages fluently one podcast at a time from any location and duration of time.
* Have all lessons explained in plain English and practice speaking with trained native speakers.
* Remember what they learn with the built-in Frobose Memory Technique®.
* Creatively express themselves with original sentences they created through Mark’s approach.

Mark Frobose, the Language Guy®, is an expert language teacher who created the entire language audio line for Macmillan Audio of New York including the bestselling "Behind the Wheel Spanish" program. For over a quarter of a century, Mark has created and produced more successful audio language programs than any other living individual in the world today. His bestselling Power Spanish Accelerated is rapidly becoming the nation's favorite all-time Spanish program.  His free “Language Guy® Podcast” can be heard and subscribed to on iTunes.  Free samples of Mark Frobose’s programs can be accessed by going to  

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