Amsterdam, December 13, 2016 -Jovani A.M. Miguel, a published author who was born and raised in a CCC household by his mother in the Caribbean island of Curaçao, just published his eye-opening and encouraging book for both parents and children that grow up in a single-parent household.

Borne from a passion for equipping single mothers, dads, sons and daughters who have to endure an upbringing with one parent at the helm, Raising Fatherless Sons looks at the inevitable single-parent difficulties and how as a family, it’s possible for both sons and daughters to grow up happy, healthy, and strong with just one parent.

“Let me start by saying the title of the book does not exclude fathers who were the only parent and daughters who grow up without a mom or dad – this book is for everyone who is growing up either fatherless or motherless, and how they can overcome this difficulty in pursuit of a fulfilled life,” said Miguel. “This book is for the sons and daughters who don't want to be just another statistic.”

In Raising Fatherless Sons, Miguel encourages single parents and their children to make the best of their challenging journey, even though it will not be easy. Miguel draws on his personal fatherless experiences to lay out unforeseen obstacles and sustainable solutions for families. Additionally, he provides guidelines for dealing with the heart consuming “father wound.”

“I want to provide insight and information for raising children who are strong, successful, and community-minded by the time they reach adulthood,” said Miguel. “Most of all, I want this book to be a source of inspiration for all single-parent households in their times of desperation. Spread the word, and head on over to my website today to learn more about Raising Fatherless Sons.”  This book is also available in Spanish.

For more information, visit: http://www.fatherlessonline.com/.



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