Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto Ebook Aims At Empowering Muslim Youth

London, Kent (December 15, 2016) - has recently launched the Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto eBook. This is a new Manifesto created for young Muslims all over the world. It is designed to be an unparalleled guide for life, and tells youth from the Islamic community to stay purposeful and positive despite life’s challenges. The book is aimed at empowering Muslim youth and providing them with a one of a kind learning experience, which is limited for only a few people.

The manifesto contains text that is easy to read, cool design and graphics, quotes from Sunnah and Quran, practical information and DIY action points. Readers can get poetic inspiration and motivate themselves towards empowering the Muslim Ummah. The manifesto goes beyond just being a book, and happens to be a mentor and companion that can go on serving readers.

The manifesto can be read quickly, but should be gone through with calm reflection. The Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto is ideal for Muslim youth, Muslim youth groups, organizations or clubs, Islamic centers or schools, Muslim educators, mentors, guardians or parents. It can be a resource for learning centres, libraries and even a reference material that can aid in learning for a lifetime.

Those who want to live the right way according to Islamic teachings will find this book to be very useful. The book can be purchased at https// The sample of the eBook can be downloaded from the website link

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