Personally Autographed Books for Holiday Gift Giving!

Personally Autographed Books for Holiday Gift Giving! Personally Autographed Books for Holiday Gift Giving! Personally Autographed Books for Holiday Gift Giving! is proud to announce a year end, half-price sale on all animal-related books on our website at AND you can have your books personally autographed for gift-giving at no additional charge.

Whether you are a horse, dog or cat lover, we have something for everyone:

Dog Tales for the Soul – Showcasing more than 30 wonderful, true stories from dog lovers around the globe that all focus on the life lessons learned while spending time with their canine buddies. 

Your Family Pet Treat Cookbook  - 200 + pet treat recipes that are sure to please all the dogs, cats and horses in your life. The book includes a section for dog treats, cat treats and even horse treats. 

Happy Endings, Vol 1 & 2 – dozens of stories of dogs, cats and horses whose lives changed for the better when someone like you opened their heart and their home. Each story focuses on the positive, happy ending. These books are NOT political and do NOT focus on where the animals came from, only on where they landed when their happy ending came. 

The Great Horse Breeds of the World – This beautiful, hard cover coffee table book is filled with hundreds of gorgeous photos and information about dozens of beautiful breeds of horse from around the globe. Even if you are a seasoned horsemen, there are probably a few in here that you will find you didn’t know of before. 

Horse Tales for the Soul books - (volumes 1 – 7) This series of 7 books brings hundreds of touching, true stories from horse lovers around the globe that will have you laughing and remembering why you love horses so much! Each story focuses on the life lessons people learned and “earned” through the sometimes fun and sometimes “not so fun” adventures they shared with their equine buddies. 

A Parent’s Guide to Buying that First Horse - A must-have for anyone considering the purchase of their first or their next horse. Whether you have a child who is horse crazy or it is YOU who is horse crazy, the tips and suggestions will guide you in the right direction to find the best fit for your needs and wants!

Debugging Your Horse - based on the magazine column over 10 years of Bonnie Marlewski-Probert answering questions from readers on everything from Biting to Runaways and everything in between. The book is set up in alphabetic order so it is easy to pinpoint your problem and find solutions.

Visit today to take advantage of the half off sale before it ends and be sure to have your books personally autographed while you are ordering! We can have your books autographed to you or to anyone you would like and you can include the inscription that you want included with each book, making these books the perfect gift for all the animal-lovers in your life. 

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