Fiber optics inventor and Aerospace Entrepreneur spearheads an effort with leading entrepreneurs to make Mississippi (MS) the Silicon Valley of the South Website Address:

May 25, 2016/ Atlanta,GA

Book Description: The Right Stuff was a term that was used to describe U.S Astronauts and space pioneers because of their ability to work in harsh environment requiring the nerve of steel sometimes risking their life. In politics the right stuff can be used to describe Mr. Nelson Mandela who was imprisoned for 27 years, without losing his vision and was elected the first Black President of South Africa upon his release, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr who endured beatings and attack dogs, water hoses, while marching for civil rights and maintained the nerves of steel to secure civil rights for African Americans. President Barack Obama, first Black President of the United States of America, who was reelected for a second term under incredible condition of high unemployment, Financial Crisis and Deficits. In space exploration the right stuff can describe modern black Astronauts like Dr. Mae Jemison, MD, Guy Blufford, General Charles Bolden, and Dr. Robert Bobby Satcher, MD and Ph.D. Fiber Optics are hair thin strands of glass that allow video, data, pictures, voice and Television signals to be transmitted using laser pulses to support the Internet. The robust and high speed transmission on the Internet is due to Fiber Optics. Dr. Thomas Mensah is one of the four inventors and innovators of Fiber Optics Technology which has enabled the Internet to reach many countries and continents. Over a billion people now use the Internet in many countries accessing it through smart mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desk top personal computers. The unlimited bandwidth, or information carrying capacity of fiber optics media makes this possible. 

Dr. Thomas Mensah solved a worldwide problem that had plagued the Fiber Optics and Telecommunication industry for almost 15 years keeping the cost of production extremely high because the fragile glass broke any time the speed was raised above 2 meters per second. His first invention allowed fiber optics to be manufactured at 10 times the speed of production without glass breakage while maintaining excellent transmission properties. He was awarded the Corning Glass Works Individual Outstanding Contributor Award and a cash prize of $10,000 for this manufacturing Innovation in 1985. He received four patents on the technology that were key to fiber optics manufacturing leading to production speeds of 50 meters per second. This closed the cost gap of 90% with respect to copper cable cost, leading to the replacement of copper cable with fiber optics cable in the U.S and throughout the world. This advanced Fiber Optic network infrastructure supports the modern high speed Internet.

Earlier in May 2016 at the ‘Silicon Valley of the South Conference’ in Tunica, MS where Dr. Mensah was a keynote speaker, he envisioned the creation of innovation centers in MS to focus on the development of drone manufacturing and business accelerators. As the architect of the Silicon Valley of the South Dr. Mensah’s stressed that these centers should include cybersecurity sensors, advanced batteries, precision agriculture, big data, aerospace systems, virtual reality, and nanotechnology products among other next generation technological developments.

These innovation centers according to Dr. Mensah would work hand in hand with MS based industries and leading universities as they collaborate to enhance the competitiveness of the USA in the world of global technology.

Why Mississippi makes a great Silicon Valley of the South

In his response to why he thinks MS stands a great chance at becoming the USA's a 'Silicon Valley of the South, Dr. Mensah disclosed to that because it is home to ‘The John C. Stennis Space Center’ (a NASA space rocket testing facility) as well as home to former headquarters of Noththrop Grumman Ship Systems; builders of nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers for the US Department of Defense in Pascagoula Mississippi, it is awash with the brainpower to support a Silicon Valley of the South.

The inventor feels the Magnolia State is one of the few states in the USA with highly trained engineers and scientists that end up seeing these intellectuals leave MS to work in industries outside that state, creating a brain drain and loss of intellectual power.

“Creation of these innovation centers with business accelerators will however create industries and job opportunities for these graduates and I believe this will encourage them to stay and work in their home state. I am talking about students from Some of the best educational institutions in Mississippi like the University of Mississippi (Ole-Miss), Mississippi Sate University and Delta State University as well as other top historically black colleges and universities in the state” Dr. Mensah said.

He also continued to say he believes that the next generation cyber security sensors would be developed in his envisioned innovation center located in the state capital of Jackson, MS as detailed in his plan presented at the Silicon Valley conference.

Dr. Mensah feels that this silicon valley of the south could become a model to inspire emerging African countries like Ghana and neighboring Ivory Coast and others elsewhere that are also grappling with the issue of human capital flight by helping them to retain their best and brightest individuals to stay home and help improve their economies and accelerate technological advancement in other emerging countries.

Each of the innovation centers would have a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) component to inspire children who have interests in these fields creating the pipeline for the next generation scientists. Dr. Mensah believes it is important for young ones to be given an opportunity at greatness through STEM, which was what happened in his case growing up to become a world leading fiber optics innovator and inventor.

About Dr. Mensah
Dr. Thomas Mensah is one of the four inventors and innovators of Fiber Optics Technology. This technology has enabled the Internet to reach many countries and continents. He is the author of the book "The Right Stuff Comes in Black, Too". This inspiring book talks about the amazing life of Dr. Thomas Mensah and the contributions he has made to science and the world. You can pick up a copy of his book, "The RIght Stuff Comes in Black, Too" on Amazon today!

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