Children Will Not Be Disappointed with the Book Written by Len Saunders

Those who are looking for books for children, especially, parents and teachers, may be happy with the news that  Len Saunders, an award winning author, has written a book entitled "Buddy and Bea."

Though a number of books on children are coming out, Len Saunders has redefined the way such books must be written. Of course, that should be the way because children can easily get disappointed with repetition. This means authors who write such books should come out with novel ideas. Len Saunders seems to have understood this and he is coming out with books like "Buddy and Bea" that are different from the usual ones.

According to reviewers, this is a gentle, caring, loving and inspirational story dealing with the Circle of Life that fosters happy emotions. The story talks about two friends namely, Buddy, a leaf and Bea, a bird and about the special and magical relationship between them. Bea watches Buddy blossom into a leaf, grow old with beautiful colors and wither away when autumn arrives.

The main objective of the author seems to make children learn about life and loss in a subtle manner. Len Saunders never uses the word "death" in the story but children can experience the warmth of the friendship between the leaf and the bird and enjoy the story without experiencing the effects of a loss. He emphatically says that this book is not only for children but for parents as well. He adds that a percentage of the sale proceeds will be donated for supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Reviewers of the book assert that children who read it will nostalgically remember the emotions they experience while reading it even after growing up into adults. The book will certainly create such new memories.

About Buddy and Bea

Len Saunders, an award winning author, has written a book entitled "Buddy and Bea" for children. Though a number of such books are brought out, Len Saunders seems to have understood that children can easily get disappointed by repetition. Hence, he ensures to come out with fresh story-lines that may remain with the children who read them even after they grow up. The book adopts a subtle approach for teaching children the circle of life and what loss is. 

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