Smiles and Silver Linings Founder Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Therapeutic Children’s Book

Melbourne, Australia – Sept. 17, 2016

Scott Barlow, founder of Smiles and Silver Linings and creator of the new children’s colouring book, The Secrets of Happy Adventuring (TSOHA), announced that the firm is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund completion of the unique project that promotes confidence and self-esteem in children and adults.

"Decide to make excellence your standard and you will start to attract more excellence into your life," said Barlow.

Smiles and Silver Linings is seeking to raise $25,000 to complete the illustrations, printing and distribution of the book’s first printing set for November 2016. The educational interactive adventure is aligned with Australian F-10 Curriculum and will be implemented into schools as a social and emotional learning (SEL) resource. The skills taught in the book are equally applicable for children around the world.

The book empowers readers and generates a desire to learn new skills. It's therapeutic is an enjoyable way for children is to explore their emotions and build resilience while learning calming techniques and strategies for overcoming anxiety, depression and stress. The story in the 60-page colouring book draws readers into an adventure where they encounter a host of inspiring and intriguing characters.

Illustrated by Juliana Xavier, The Secrets of Happy Adventuring is an interactive book in which the reader has the opportunity to name the characters for themselves.

The book provides a clear space in which children can fill in the blank with their name or that of family and friends, effectively creating a one-of-a-kind personalised copy of TSOHA.

Readers are asked what secrets they found at the end of the book to encourage insight and reflection. Children learn practical strategies on how to make their dreams a reality and achieve their highest potential. TSOHA has undergone extensive examination and editing by teachers, parents and psychologists to create a resource that will focus on learning and personal development while being enjoyable and a great hit with reluctant readers.

TSOHA empowers, promotes a positive mental attitude, and fosters communication between youngsters, parents and teachers. Team dynamics, cooperation, collaboration, and valuing the strengths of others are continuing themes throughout the book to teach life skills that can be utilised across multiple situations.

Well-known and highly respected psychologist, Dr Catherine Connaughton, has worked extensively with children in schools and within mental health services. She noted that the book offers a unique format that can be utilised in classrooms and therapeutic environments to promote self-discovery and practice skills of mindfulness.

All funds generated through the Kickstarter campaign by Smiles and Silver Linings will be used to complete and finalise the book's illustrations and pay for printing and distribution costs of the first print run. The campaign provides individuals around the world with the opportunity to contribute to a project that promotes reading, teaches life skills, and encourages youngsters to reach for their dreams.

About Smiles and Silver Linings

S&SL is a passionate community of like-minded thinkers and multidisciplinary experts.
Our mission is to inspire, empower and support extraordinary young-minded leaders of today and the future.

Given 1 in 4 young Australians have or has suffered from a mental health condition (APS:, our vision is to create a community of 100,000 young leaders to work within core values of love, gratitude and compassion to create change.

‘At S&SL, we intend to maintain an elite standard in improving leadership, health and wellbeing.

The Secrets of Happy Adventuring is the first of many initiatives and exciting projects presented by the Smiles and Silver Linings team’.

Media Contact

Scotty Barlow

Founder – Smiles and Silver Linings
Author / Creator – The Secrets of Happy Adventuring

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