Progress Coaching Releases New Online Course: Coaching To Be More Proactive

Cedarburg, WI, September 15 –Progress Coaching is pleased to announce the launch of their digital course,  Coaching To Be More Proactive. Designed to facilitate the process of coaching employees to become more proactive, Coaching To Be More Proactive includes very specific strategies and techniques to address how staff can become more proactive and details how to ultimately guide them as they develop a proactive mindset.

Delivering detail and insight though the expert voice of Progress Coaching’s Chief Coaching Officer, Tim Hagen, this course combines the benefits of an in-person workshop with the flexibility of an online course. By essentially hybriding traditional coaching with electronic methodology, Progress Coaching has pushed forward beyond the boundaries of traditional training.

This course will teach participants how to facilitate a one-on-one conversation about guiding employees to become more proactive. In addition, this course teaches how to use supplemental coaching methods to accelerate employees ’development of a proactive mindset and proactive work habits.

Roughly 2 hours in length, the Coaching To Be More Proactive course is comprehensive, providing instruction which facilitates one-on-one conversation, provides supplemental coaching methods, and provides multiple, varied downloads that can guide managers and coached in their pursuit of coaching employees to become more proactive.

This course is part of series of courses designed around the needs of managers and coaches across the country. Courses on other topics, such as developing a workforce with a sense of urgency coaching employees to work together, will be released concurrently. Taken individually or as a sum, these courses from Progress Coaching have the potential to transform office culture.

About Progress Coaching

Progress Coaching (A Training Reinforcement Partner Company) helps organizations decrease costs associated with traditional training.  Progress Coaching implements management coaching programs that will help employees become more engaged and managers become skilled coaches. This will successfully drive employee performance, as well as assisting the entire organization to be more skilled in employee development. For more information, visit our website:


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