Buy Your Way Into a Book? Author Invites Readers to Star In Her Crowdfunded Project.

Buy Your Way Into a Book? Author Invites Readers to Star In Her Crowdfunded Project.

JACKSON, MI, September 16, 2016 - Sarah Raymond Cunningham--author of the popular children's Christmas book, The Donkey in the Living Room--is calling on readers who value "un-screen time" to help fund an unconventional children's picture book series that invites young readers into imaginative, family-based play. Those who back the project can even see their own children memorialized as characters in the books.

The faith-inspired series, The Best Day Ever Club, will follow the adventures and misadventures of two young children who take on a variety of creative challenges from building blanket forts to hosting lemonade stands. As an added bonus, each book also provides instructions and prompts to help little readers replicate the featured creative project at home.

Cunningham's first children's book, The Donkey in the Living Room, was originally self-published before being discovered by a press. In its second year, The Donkey in the Living Room was also expanded into a toy set. The Best Day Ever Club, however, is Cunningham's first crowd-sourced book project.

"Parents sometimes feel like they are working against the culture, trying to limit their kids' screentime and salvage old-fashioned, make-believe play. This series will provide a tool to help busy parents easily encourage their kids toward more creative experiences that require the use of imagination." Cunningham says, "This is a chance for parents to send book and toy-makers a message that they don't want the technology embedded in every toy to crowd out children's natural, instinctive love for make-believe."

Cunningham holds an English degree, a Masters in Education, and is the author of 5 traditionally published adult books in addition to her children's book. The daughter of a pastor, and a long-time influencer in faith and spirituality circles, Cunningham pledges these books will focus on positivity, gratitude to God, and moral life lessons in addition to creating opportunities for family togetherness.


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