The Reckless Gravity Saga, Volume 1

The Reckless Gravity Saga, Volume 1

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The Reckless Gravity Saga, Volume 1
Reckless Gravity
By J.D. Myall and Becca Blake

Raw and Real: Life Behind the Scenes

“As humans, we go through things to grow through things... to learn.” -- J.D. Myall

    Domestic violence is a silent epidemic running rampant throughout the United States. Statistics show, one in four adult women will be the victim of domestic violence and one in five teenage girls have been in a relationship where violence or self-harm were threatened if they broke up with the boyfriend.

    J.D. Myall was a victim of domestic violence and has firsthand experience in living the seemingly “good life” in the music industry. During her youth, she was featured as a groupie on the MTV documentary called, The Social Story of Concerts, 2004, with celebrities like rapper Ludacris, Blink 182, Fred Durst, and Kid Rock. 

    She shares some of her experiences, along with co-author Becca Blake, in her new “edu-tainment” novel, Reckless Gravity. It’s designed to entertain with a suspenseful story while teaching young women about the warning signs of abuse and dangers associated with risky behavior.
    Cherrie Lane finally has it all. After a neglected childhood where her musician father ignored her and her groupie mother abandoned her, Cherrie has the family she always dreamed of in the members of her rock band, Reckless Gravity.
    And family means sticking together—even if it involves covering up a murder by one of their own. Years later, when one of their own band members turns up dead, the investigation threatens to uncover the sins of their past. Cherrie’s life is turned upside down when she’s forced to confront her past and reconcile it with the future she wants.

    With the unmistakable stamp of authenticity, Reckless Gravity:
•    Opens the door for communication about domestic violence
•    Educates men and women about the dangers of abuse, addiction and mental illness
•    Exposes the dark, gritty side of band groupies
•    Stresses the importance of leaving a violent and unsafe relationship before it escalates
•    Gives readers a raw, uncensored truth so they can make informed decisions

    “If I hid my scars, my mistakes and the situations I’m not proud of, no one could benefit from the lessons they taught me,” stresses Myall. “So I expose myself. I feel like I owe my readers that kind of naked honesty, even at the risk of embarrassing myself.”
    Reckless Gravity was edited by CRISTINA MORACHO author of Althea & Oliver. One of Time magazine’s Top 10 YA Books of the Year and a School Library Journal Best Book.    

J.D. Myall is a self-proclaimed literary lunatic, crazy about reading and writing is like breathing to her. She is a former army wife and survivor of domestic abuse. Myall went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from West Chester University, and has worked as a counselor for crime victims, addicts and the mentally ill. She’s the mother of four children and will donate a portion of her book’s proceeds to help victims of abuse.

Becca Blake is a native New Yorker with a passion for rock concerts. She currently works as a tattoo artist and dabbles in web design and photography. She is a member of the Polar Bear Club charity organization and the Order of the Easter Star. She has one child.

Learn more about J.D. Myall at and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and on her blog.

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