Waterside Press announces the release of Debra Martin’s new book, Soul to Soul

Waterside Press announces the release of Debra Martin’s new book, Soul to SoulWaterside Press announces the release of Debra Martin’s new book, Soul to Soul

Waterside Press, and author Debra Martin announce the digital and print-on-demand release of the book, Soul to Soul, a project that has taken the author over ten years of working with Spirit to put these true stories of evidential communication together.

Debra started seeing spirit at the age of four. Growing up with this ability frightened her. This fear led to her closing the door to the spirit world all together.   It took Debra to have two near-death experiences through automobile accidents one on August 21, 1997 and the second on August 30, 2000 to opened the path to her mediumship.

Debra considers herself a vessel and a voice to the spirit world. Her natural ability to connect with Spirit forges immediate and unbreakable bonds both with the spirit world and those who desire confirmation that their family members are at peace. There is no greater gratification for her than witnessing the transformation people have after they receive messages from their loved ones that bring them a sense of peace and comfort. She has helped countless people navigate the path of their own grief and guide them through stages of healing. Connecting with Spirit and trusting in the messages she receives has helped solve murder cases and allowed her to work with the FBI. She has worked with media to consult on missing person cases and also with professional counselors to help their clients with their grief.  

Soul to Soul brings fourth remarkable experiences recounted by Debra Martin. Spirit has a voice and their voices are heard in this book. These true stores of afterlife communication exposes our hopes and fears in ways that are shocking but healing. This is a truly inspirational book one will not want to put down.

Soul to Soul introduces mediumship on a higher level. Debra Martin channels messages that are undeniably coming from a loved one in Heaven.  Her readings she has performed for others are shared with the reader accounts of the messages that came through firsthand. The actual direct communication during these readings has been transcribed verbatim, without editing or alterations, allowing the reader to access to the knowledge experienced by the author and the people who received these readings.

Each of the book’s chapters includes transcriptions from each of her readings. Readings provide direct messages from loved ones in Heaven. Each chapter captures a new perspective on how our loved ones can and do communicate to us. These stories highlight profound mysteries of life and death, sharing messages of comfort and protection and addressing otherwise unanswerable questions.

In this book Chapter Three; The Voice of Truth, Justice Served: Spirit Solves Her Own Murder. In this chapter the murder victim from beyond the grave describes her killer. She discloses the crime through Debra Martin before the crime is discovered. This is amazing proof of Life After Death. Alicia Becerra’s spirit revealed to her family that she had been murdered. Debra was able to bring fourth all the answers the family needed to find the murderer. She gave detailed information such as why this happened, how this happened, descriptions and names of who committed this crime.  With all this information the family traveled back to Peru, where the crime took place and hired an investigator. Debra Martin, whose evidential mediumship had first hand revealed an undetected murder and put the murder behind bars. The most astonishing story, of course, is that the deceased Alicia Becerra solved her own murder, giving justice to an entire family.  Without her voice, speaking from the spirit world through Debra Martin, there would have been no case. (This story has also been featured in Psychic News Magazine in November of 2015 and also gained National attention).  This is just one of the many profound chapters in Soul to Soul.

Debra Martin hopes that after reading this book, every reader will become more aware of his or her inner connection with others, both in this life and the afterlife.


About The Author

Debra was a Lab Research Medium with the VERITAS Research Program, which was co-directed by Dr. Julie Beischel and Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona in Tucson. She is currently a Level 5 Certified Research Medium at The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential where she participates in afterlife research performed by Windbridge Director of Research, Dr. Julie Beischel. (www.windbridge.org) She is the author of Believe Beyond Seeing, which details how she learned to embrace her gifts, her beliefs and her views about life and death, and the children’s book Me and My Angels, which portrays how children can call upon the angels that are always by their side.  Debra has written another book, Direct Connect to God, with Sheri Getten, which shares their true stories of hope, healing and miracles. All of Debra’s books are available on Amazon. Debra has been featured in national media including A&E documentaries Mediums: We See Dead People (2006) and Psychic Children and their Sixth Sense (2006) and has appeared in various news reports. One report, “The Medium Who Solved a Murder,” (2007) was broadcast by the Phoenix, Arizona, CBS network affiliate and gained national attention. The case was also included in Psychic News Magazine (November 2015). Debra appeared with Sheri Getten on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, speaking about their healing technique and the miracles they are witnessing through God.  Debra is featured in the documentary The One Who Comes After, currently in production, which is produced and directed by Robert Narholz. Debra was ordained as a healing minister at The Logos Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, in November 2013.

Today Debra Martin takes her mediumship to a new level. She calls it mediumship on steroids. After her third near death experience on 1-21-12 when she crossed over and had a conversation with God, her abilities became heightened and she also gained the ability to heal. She uses her mediumship today in her healings she performs with Sheri Getten.  They have created a healing technique that no one else in the world is doing.  During a healing session Sheri anchors Debra’s body here in the physical world, so that Debra is able to travel to the spirit world where she is able to take others to meet with their loved ones and connect with God.  Their clients do not only receive messages they are able to embrace, see and feel their loved ones again.   This experience is life changing and gives people the comfort and love they need to move forward from the grief they hold deep within.  Debra and Sheri witness through every healing session the transformation that takes place from each and every connection they make from the Other Side that they call Heaven.  Debra is not only the messenger for Spirit she is a messenger of God. These simple yet profound messages give people Hope, Love, Guidance and Peace. Touching people spiritually, physically and emotionally. Having a session is like taking a piece of Heaven home with you that never leaves you, it stays with you forever.


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