AFL Products Celebrates It's First Year Offering 'One Day Left' On Kindle For $1.29

AFL Products Celebrates It's First Year Offering 'One Day Left' On Kindle For $1.29

To celebrate their first year in business, AFL Prodcuts are offering 'One Day Left', by Alba Lewis for $1.29 on kindle.  With over 20 years working in Hospices, the author was interested in why the last 24 hours in anyone's life should matter.

"It's been an interesting journey working in hospices for so long.  They are chaotic, pragmatic, kind places with so many different people wanting to the best they can for those who are terminally ill. It's obviously had an effect on me, this work place where people are coming to the end of their lives daily. It got me wondering how we as a society rate 24 hours differently for different ages and it got me wondering what difference does it make if you come to terms with yourself in the last few hours of your life. Does it matter to have the chance to forgive yourself, or to see yourself as a vulnerable human being. So the book was about this guy who is dying, and the last 24 hours of his life when a lot of his life collides.'  Alba Lewis explains.

For those who like to think about the meaning of life and why things matter, this novella, follows Mick around fo the last 24 hours of his life in a local hospice where he saves a girls life and a family member comes to visit him for the first and last time.s presence and from this change their lives.

The kindle version of the book is currently available for only $1.29 at


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