Adam Abraham Diary of a (American-Muslim) Schizophrenic Releases Free Chapter of New Book on August 15th

Adam Abraham Diary of a (American-Muslim) Schizophrenic Releases Free Chapter of New Book on August 15th


Adam Abraham, author of new blog “Diary of a (American-Muslim) Schizophrenic” will release free chapters of new book this August 5th. Adam has been working on his book for over a year now and plans to release its first chapters in his new blog. With personal mental illness one of the debilitation conditions to a person’s life, the book is expected to help people understand more of what it is to be a person suffering from mental illness.

On the first Friday of the month, Adam Abraham will be releasing free chapters of his book on his new blog which includes stories of recovery, overcoming depression, ADHD, relapse and psychosis. At the same time, it also includes inspiring stories about spirituality and support and of the goal of becoming successful in mental, physical and independent aspects.

“Diary of a (American-Muslim) Schizophrenic” is a simple blog created by Adam, a 30-year old schizophrenic, college student, entrepreneur and photographer. The blog details about a variety of things including reflections, opinions and researches about mental illnesses, depression and schizophrenia. The blog also brings support pages and links related to the topic above which, ideally, can help people suffering from the same conditions.

As a schizophrenic himself, Adam shares in-depth experience on a few times that he’s had relapses through his blog. At the same time, he shares experiences that related to black magic, Jinn and exorcism with spiritual and Islamic experiences which are something he is passionate about. He shares many posts and valuable information that people with similar condition as him can learn from and be inspired.

Presently, Adam runs his own business on importing and exporting of electronics. He is also pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Business Management with the intension of moving onto Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. If not, he aspires to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of New York and be of help to others suffering from mental illnesses.

Aside from his passion to becoming involved in Mental Health Counseling, Adam is an avid photographer who loves to travel the world. He appreciates the beauty of the world and wants to share his experiences in his multiple social media accounts including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Skype under the “adamerall”.

In addition to that, he is working on his YouTube channel which will debut on his trip to Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Macau in the coming Spring Break. He also went to China in the past Spring break, Aside from that trip, his YouTube channel will also chronicle any future trips that Adam will take. Even with mental illness, Adam will not let himself be tied with it and go on experiencing the world.

He is excited to have the first chapters of his book released for free in every Friday of the month. This way, his followers can build up the excitement of learning many things about him, being a schizophrenic who is out in the world experiencing it firsthand. This way, he hopes that he can inspire people and that those who are afraid to go out in the world because of their mental illness can find peace with it and learns to be free.


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