Authentic Messengers Radio Podcast Welcomes Author Selina Maitreya!

Authentic Messengers Radio Podcast Welcomes Author Selina Maitreya!Authentic Messengers Radio Podcast Welcomes Author Selina Maitreya!



Authentic Messengers Radio Podcast Welcomes Author Selina Maitreya!

EUGENE, OR July 25, 2016— Selina Maitreya, contributing author to a revolutionary new book series, will be a guest on Authentic Messengers to talk about his story. Life SPARKS (Edition #1) ushers in a new age of story sharing.

Selina will share how a devastating car accident led her on a path to becoming a brand new person . Selina says, “After years and years of directing and orchestrating everybody else’s world, I am now the co-creator of my own, leaving striving and wanting behind. Settled deep within me, is peace, calm, and connection to the source that showed up in my car as all encompassing light, which has never left my side.!"


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In Life SPARKS (Edition #1), you will meet the authors who are real-life “sparks of inspiration.” Through candid, dynamic and dramatic stories, they will share a passion that creates positive change in the world and within each reader.

Every author’s profound and diverse message reveals a life spark that ignited from a single incident—resulting in an unexpected, personal transformation. This book draws from a plethora of backgrounds, experiences, fears and tears—with no two alike.

Through this collection of moving stories in Life SPARKS (Edition #1), readers will be reminded of where they have been and where they are  going—discovering  how to overcome the adversity they might be experiencing today.

Compiled by Tami Blodgett and Denise Beins, edited by Judy Dippel, and published by Luminare Press, Life SPARKS (Edition #1) will change the way readers look at themselves and the world around them. LifeSPARKS programs support authors by coaching them through the process of writing. Stories are published in a safe and supportive community. At the same time, contributing authors are prepared about how their story, and who they are, complements their business—which in-turn allows them to be readily known, seen and heard by a broader audience.

To be notified of the book’s release, go to

Contact Name: Tami Blodgett

Contact Phone: 458-201-8453

Contact E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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