Dube Hemp Energy Continues to Change People’s Life

July 26nd, 2016- Algae International Group, Inc. has continued to manufacture and distribute its Dube Hemp Energy Shot through its subsidiary the America Seed and Oil Company.

According to the CEO of Algae International Group and American Seed and Oil ‘’ the response from the purchase of our products is very impressive, due to increase in demand, the company has decided to expand its operations to various states such as Kentucky and many others.’’

The dube drink is a natural berry flavored drink, sugar free, zero calorie, GMO free, gluten free shot  combined with Hemp Pro 70 Protein Powder giving users energy for long hours.

According to https://dubeenergy.com/ a new dube energy shot is underway. The hemp benefits energy shot is made with high quality ingredients as well as integrity. The products are not only pesticide free but also herbicide , vegetarian approved, peanut free,  trypsin inhibitor free, THC- free, kosher certified and it is 100 percent legal.

The American Seed and Oil Company is manufacturing a number of cannabis infused products targeting those who are fitness and health conscious. The products are expected to be in house and others for partners such as Dube that complement the general product line.

Products that are made of hemp are said to be high in nutritional value. For more information. https://dubeenergy.com/

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