SEO Company Bares Trends in Web Design

26/07/2016. Pin point web services is the best freelance web design Belfast has for customers in the UK. Pin point web services is a top seo Belfast company, and has bared the best trends in web design in 2016.

According to the Web design Belfast service provider, the trend in web design relies more on simplicity than any other factor.

‘’ The days when site pages were uncontrollably overflowing with data are completely gone, and hence extremely cluttered. We are witnessing many websites using simple and user-friendly design.’’ A rep from the company said.

The company also claims that many services don’t use header background image any more, unlike in the past.

‘’ We are also witnessing less visual distractions and imagery. Typography is now a crucial aspect and it is continuing to stand out, and now users can access information quickly through websites.’’

Pin point web services also stated that another web design trend to look out for is material design, where freelance and professional web design artists focus on the use of shapes, colors as well as typography.

‘’ In material design, the developers adopt the principles of flat design and these principles are used together with gradients and animation to present the components in 3D perspective,’’ the company explained.

According to pin point web services, this trend is becoming more popular in mobile-ready sites.

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