Ultraclean Electropolish Launches a New Derouging System

Ultraclean Electropolish recently launched a Derouging solution on the market. Rouging basically means and inversion of the layer that is full of chromium oxides to a layer that has high amounts of iron-oxide as well as other metal oxides, and this compels the surface to change its color.

This happens when the surfaces are exposed to low oxygen, low, high ion for a long period of time, like for instance in plants that manufacture purified water, autoclaves, water for injection or in tanks.

One of the noticeable features is the reddish brown color that stains on the surface of the steel, in isolated form.The benefits of rouge solutions are that they reduce process time, and thus longer duty processes for production equipment.

The process is carried out in a neutral environment and those both rinsing water and solutions don’t need neutralizing. This ensures safety at the place of work as very high concentration of hazardous acids are not needed.

It is very simple as far as process control is concerned, and for that matter monitoring of Derouging solution efficiency doesn’t need costly analytical instruments.

In addition, faster results causes short derouge cycle time and better performance. Low concentration reduces costs and leads to an effective application. Incredible material compatibility as well as long lifespan for the process equipment.

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