Soap Making Author Reveals The Hidden Heart Of Soap Crafting


February 12, 2016

In her easy writing style Cherie Benjamin starts to teach you the simple yet stunning art of melt and pour soap making. From the basics to getting you right up to selling your handmade soaps. Cherie has l light touch when it comes to creating natural, simple, eye-catching soap.

A heart soap box is just one of the simple creative designs in her book. She reflects a fresh quirky attitude to natural melt and pour soap making that has you yearning to get in the kitchen and start making soap yourself. Her natural beautiful soap recipes and quick wit are a bonus. Cherie has taught hundreds of students how to craft their own special soaps including the girl guides
If you’re looking to add a handmade craft to your bow, soap making success book will keep you entertained while learning the art of melt and pour soap making.


“I have always wanted to hand make soap, so when I came across this very cute book I know it was time to learn! Author Cherie Benjamin takes you step by step to create truly, anything you want! You see how to manipulate color, smell, and most importantly where good places to buy the ingredients are. I can't even go to the grocery store and buy soaps anymore.” - Crystal

“I bought this book because I wanted to find an easy way of making my own soaps WITHOUT LYE (caustic soda). This is a great little book that shows you how to make a variety of great unique designs.“ – John Allann

—Cherie Benjamin’ Soap Making Success Book "--a slice of the natural, clean, enviable-skin lifestyle in book form!”

Review copies of Soap Making Success Book are available upon request.
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Author Name: Cherie Benjamin
Contact Number: +447939650043

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