Author Skips C.R.A.P. and Launches Bestseller

Author Skips C.R.A.P. and Launches Bestseller

Santa Monica, CA – February 10, 2016 - Junk food can kill. It can ruin your health. Just ask bestselling author Cari Schaefer. She was a victim herself.  At age 32 Cari overcame her health crisis. Challenged to walk three blocks due to extreme fatigue, constant pain, and depression, she learned firsthand the limitations that poor health creates and the important role what you eat plays in your health. 

Schaefer spent years on her nutritional education (her multidisciplinary study includes a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine; national certification in herbalism and acupuncture; certifications in Nutrition Response Testing and Neural Emotional Technique; and certification as a Yoga instructor), but also through her clients’ and her own real life experiences. Now, she has compiled her wealth of knowledge in her new #1 bestseller, The Food Solution:  Skip the Chemically Ridden Altered Products (C.R.A.P.) Start Your 21-Day Detox Today and Thrive.

“Every day in America almost every person will, at some point, put something in his or her mouth and swallow it in the act of what we call eating. After years in private practice observing clients struggle with choices around food, I became curious about what motivates people to eat. I started asking my clients, "Why do you eat?" The responses were illuminating because I discovered not only why people eat what they eat but also why it didn't matter to them that most of what they were eating wasn't actually food.”

Yes, you heard that right.  Almost everything you find in your grocery store has chemicals in it, has been altered from its whole food form, and is now a food product rather than actual food. In other words, it is C.R.A.P. Americans have forgotten the purpose of food, and have forgotten that you cannot create health by eating things that are sick and loaded with toxins. Any race car driver knows never to put low-grade gasoline into his car because he knows it would hinder its performance. Why then do we put low-grade C.R.A.P. into our bodies and expect not to suffer the consequences?

One reader said, “The information can certainly help you lose weight if you need to, but this book, in my opinion, is more about improving your quality of health to improve your quality of life. If you’re tired of quick fixes and never feeling your best, read The Food Solution. Stop the dieting cycle and read a book from trusted expert in the field that will give you the knowledge to make positive changes in your life. There is something every reader can take away from reading this book.”

Cari Schaefer M.A. TCM, L.Ac. resides in Topanga Canyon, California and shares what she has learned with others through one-on-one clinical care, radio appearances, public speaking, workshops, and by teaching and mentoring other healthcare practitioners. The book officially released in January 2016 and is available in online bookstores including where it became a #1 bestseller.



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