Bestselling Author Spotlights Serial Killer Still at Large

Bestselling Author Spotlights Serial Killer Still at Large

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, February 10, 2016—“No one wants to believe that a serial killer walks among us,” says Dolores Borrego Jacobs, “even worse that a member of the family is capable of multiple murders.” But that’s what the New Mexico bestselling author proposes in her first novel UNSUSPECTED.  She takes us back more than a decade ago when someone was killing women and burying them on the sandy mesa south west of Albuquerque.  The discovery of a graveyard for eleven women launched an investigation the likes of which had not been seen before in a city of just over a half million people, but the murders were never solved.

The book, a #1 bestseller on Amazon, focuses on the Martinez Family living in Los Lunas not far from the greater metropolitan area of Albuquerque.  The family members are leading ordinary lives that at times are dramatic and heartbreaking.  Meanwhile, the serial killer is living among them, and scattered throughout the story are glimpses of his crimes.  “The novel gives insight into why it can be difficult to apprehend this murderer,” says Borrego Jacobs.

Clearly Southwestern in her tone, Borrego Jacobs has a sense of place that makes her novel both a timepiece beginning in the 1980’s and a culturally relevant modern day murder story in the True Crime tradition.  Her characters accurately portray ordinary people who could be your neighbors, and their dialogue is authentic and provocatively peppered with Hispanic slang.  

Dolores Borrego Jacobs was born in Santa Fe, in 1948, the oldest of six children.  She was raised in a bilingual household and is part of a large extended family.  She was educated at New Mexico State University and later at the University of Tennessee.  She was an English teacher in Austin, Texas, and in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory since 2012, she has begun a writing career that was postponed for nearly 50 years.  UNSUSPECTED is the first in a series of novels based on the characters in the book.


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